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Where we started

What started as a humble Facebook group has grown into one of the most engaged New Zealand-based online travel communities and brands.

We’re incredibly proud of what the NZTT community has become.

It is an engaging, positive space where our members are empowered to share, inspire and ask questions.

This facebook group is, honestly, THE BEST travel group/forum I’ve participated in.

Juli Wilke Menssen, NZTT member.

Whilst our group is an amazing place to get travel inspiration, this website is the best place to access exclusive member-only discounts, tried-and-tested travel tips and a range of extra supports created by experts.

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Coming from the UK we found it so difficult to find a UK tour operator that really knew their stuff on NZ….fortunately I stumbled across this group, Sarah, the community, the guides ..and the discounts! Without it I’m not sure this trip would have actually got underway… or if it had it would have been a very different trip.

There is such a need for this resource/information especially if your coming from the UK.. I’d imagine similar all over Europe.

Friends back home are in awe of the trip that we are having.. given we put it together ourselves …with A LOT of help from NZTT.

We’ve told so many people about this group.. and I’m even more amazed that when other travellers happen to be chatting to us and ask if we know ‘ how to’.. we can actually help out with advice and tell them about this group.

We were parked up next to a NZ family the other day and they asked where are you from? What have you seen? They were blown away… “you’ve seen more of the country than we have! We better join that group” was the reply!

Celia O’Donovan

thank you, Sarah, for this amazing site helping me to plan our trip. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Liz Watson

Meet our founder

Sarah Chant

I started NZTT at the end of 2019, after working for years as an award-winning travel writer, tour guide and airline reservations consultant.

Born and bred in Auckland, I’m proud of my Pākehā-Māori heritage.

I love adventure activities, hiking (particularly if there’s an amazing view or waterfall), being on the water and discovering hidden gems.

I have travelled throughout most of New Zealand, much of it multiple times. I know Aotearoa like the back of my hand.

I’m passionate about helping you plan a New Zealand adventure that’s perfect for you!

Whatever that looks like, we have you covered…

Experts in NZTT

The NZ Travel Tips community is supported by a wonderful team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic moderators, all of whom volunteer their time to ensure our members get the very best travel advice.

We also have a team of experienced writers and, from time to time, welcome guest authors to provide you with a range of top-notch travel tips on this website.

Everything you see on NZTT is tried-and-tested. You won’t find any AI around here.

Should you wish to contribute to our site, we would love to discuss a guest post with you.

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