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Haere mai and welcome to New Zealand Travel Tips – we’re pleased you stopped by!

What started as a humble Facebook group has grown into one of the most engaged New Zealand-based online travel communities and brands.

We’re incredibly proud of what the NZTT community has become.

It is an engaging, positive space where our members are empowered to share and inspire. No question is silly and nothing is too much bother. We have the most incredible members that make our space so fantastic!

In 60 days we’ll be leaving for NZ. I am so excited and feel 💯 more prepared because of this group and Sarah Chant. Off to plan some more!

Lisa Monfre Rosendahl

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Sarah Chant, I can say with full certainty that our trip would not have been as great without your advice & that of this group! Thank you so much 😊👏👍

Annette Kakris

Coming from the UK we found it so difficult to find a UK tour operator that really knew their stuff on NZ….fortunately I stumbled across this group, Sarah, the community, the guides ..and the discounts! Without it I’m not sure this trip would have actually got underway… or if it had it would have been a very different trip.

There is such a need for this resource/information especially if your coming from the UK.. I’d imagine similar all over Europe.

Friends back home are in awe of the trip that we are having.. given we put it together ourselves …with A LOT of help from NZTT.

We’ve told so many people about this group.. and I’m even more amazed that when other travellers happen to be chatting to us and ask if we know ‘ how to’.. we can actually help out with advice and tell them about this group.

We were parked up next to a NZ family the other day and they asked where are you from? What have you seen ? They were blown away …”you’ve seen more of the country than we have! We better join that group” was the reply 😂😂😂

Celia O’Donovan

Meet the Founder of NZTT

Sarah Chant

Sarah formed New Zealand Travel Tips at the start of 2020. Always keen for an adventure and with a camera in hand, she’s excitedly making the most of travelling in Aotearoa before the borders open. At home, you’ll find her on the computer or hanging with her cats and her husband, Nathan.

Blogs: Exploring Auckland, Exploring Kiwis and NZTT
Instagram: Exploring Kiwis and NZTT

You, and this group, have made my time here in NZ so much better. I’ve already told so many people about it. 💗

Carolyn Miller, NZTT member.

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Thanks for creating this great website, Sarah. Even though my hubby and I have been to NZ 8 times since 2016, I have found the tips and suggestions from this group very helpful.

Kerrie Hollman

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Thank you for all your help, the great guides on the website and info on the Facebook page, its really helping us loads with the planning!

Berit Booth, NZTT member.