The best Auckland skateparks

Hit the best skateparks in Auckland with our tried-and-tested recommendations.

Skating is more than a sport for most people – it’s a unique form of exercise where people can express themselves individually.

For many, it becomes more of a lifestyle than a hobby, and once you’ve tried it it’s easy to see why!

With the feeling of accomplishment, the adrenaline rush, and the community, it’s no wonder so many people love to skate.

The Top Auckland Skateparks

When it comes to skateparks, Auckland has a wide variety of choices.

Whether you’re looking to develop your skills, meet like-minded people, or simply try out a new hobby, this city has plenty to offer for skaters.

There are some of the best Auckland skateparks…

Which will you visit first?

1. Browns Bay Skatepark

The Browns Bay Skatepark sits right in front of the beach, so if you’re looking for the best of both worlds then this is your place!

This is one of the most beautiful skatepark settings in Auckland, with the crashing waves and Rangitoto Island visible across the bay.

Don’t think it’s all about the view though – this is a worthwhile skatepark in its own right!

Browns Bay Skatepark has a variety of ramps and ledges, but the main attraction for skaters is the half-pipe and the mini-ramp adjacent to it.

It’s also a great place to leave teens to their own devices with a friendly neighbourhood, and a police station right next door making it extra safe.

17 Manly Esplanade, Browns Bay, Auckland 0630

2. Ngataringa Skatepark – Devonport

The Devonport Skatepark is situated in the middle of Ngataringa Park. It’s easily recognisable thanks to its pastel colours.

With a bowl, grind box, flat fail and several other features, this is a great place to develop a wide range of skills.

Whether you have a BMX, skateboard, scooter, or even rollerblades there is something for everyone here.

This skatepark can get busy in the later afternoon with older skaters, so if you have a little one it may be best to take them in the morning. This way they can skate around the park without other skateboards and bikes razzing right past them!

29 Lake Road, Devonport, Auckland 0624

3. Marlborough Skatepark – Glenfield

There has been a skatepark in Marlborough Park since the 70s, but luckily it’s undergone several renovations since.

With smooth and fast surfaces, and a selection of obstacles this skatepark is perfect for both beginners and advanced skaters.

Marlborough Skatepark is more of a transition focused skatepark with a variety of elements. This includes a free-flowing bowl area, a small quarter pipe, a jump box set and a long-kinked half pipe among other features.

This park has so much to offer with both street and transition elements.

If you’re a skating fanatic, then this is one of the Auckland skateparks you need to visit!

Archers Road, Glenfield, Auckland 0627

4. Birkenhead Skatepark

The Birkenhead Skatepark has been newly re-built and offers a simple but fun skating experience.

With a new mini skate bowl, quarter pipes, and a pyramid among other features, it’s a great place to develop your skills.

Though it is especially suited to beginners (as none of the obstacles are over two metres high) more advanced riders will still enjoy the different elements there.

If you’re heading down to Birkenhead Skatepark on the weekends, you’ll find it to be pretty busy with a lot of people floating around.

46 Mahara Avenue, Birkenhead, Auckland 0626

Pro Tip: If you fancy trying something new, there is also a dirt jump park located just around the corner, so be sure to throw your BMX in the car too.

5. Owairaka Skatepark – Mt Albert

Although the Owairaka ‘Street Plaza’ Skatepark is relatively small, it offers a great experience for skaters.

This skatepark is packed with obstacles including a quarter pipe, flat rail, a wedge ramp, and a grind box among others. There is also a freestanding wave called ‘the serpent’ where you can great really creative with your tricks.

All the elements are modelled from the streets, hence the name ‘Street Plaza’. This includes a brick stencilled bank that has a cantilevered bench and banks.

If you’re wanting to try out some new moves or develop your skills, the Owairaka Skatepark is a great choice.

Owairaka Avenue, Mount Albert, Auckland 1025

6. Te Pai Park – Henderson

Te Pai Park is located on Lincoln Road and is one of the newest Auckland skateparks.

It’s a hidden gem within West Auckland and is a good option for skaters and those with BMX bikes.

With bowls, a half-pipe, rails, boxes, and stairs the Te Pai Park (or Lincoln Road Skatepark) is the perfect place to practice the more technical skills of skating. There’s also plenty of space so you won’t feel crowded whilst doing your own thing.

It’s important to note that during the late afternoon the skatepark gets busy with older children and young adults who like to show off their skills. Although not an issue, it does mean there is much less room for younger children to just have a play around with their scooter.

Cnr Lincoln Rd and Te Pai Place, Henderson, Auckland 0610

7. Waterview Skatepark

Although primarily used as a BMX track, the Waterview Skatepark also suits skateboards, scooters and rollerbladers.

The design of the Waterview Skatepark is based on a figure of eight pattern. This allows skaters to either use specific areas individually or use the whole park to do a continuous loop.

That means there is plenty of room for beginners and lots of rails and transitions to test more advanced skaters.

With new modern facilities, plenty of obstacles and a tonne of space this is one of Auckland’s best skateparks.

17 Waterbank Crescent, Waterview, Auckland 1026

8. Valonia Skatepark – New Windsor

The Valonia Skatepark has to be one of the funkiest and most colourful skateparks in the city.

It’s also loved thanks to its array of street obstacles, and its smooth design and finish.

It’s neatly separated into areas with a stand-alone mini-bowl that is perfect for beginners.

For more advanced skaters, there are a variety of quarter pipes, rails and multiple hips to test out new tricks.

2 Valonia Street, New Windsor, Auckland 0600

Did you know? The design of the skatepark is based on New Zealand’s volcanic fields with a ‘crater’ and lava-coloured terraces.

9. Nixon Skatepark – Kingsland

With friendly locals and a variety of obstacles, the Nixon Skatepark is a great choice for skating in the city.

If you’re looking to develop your street and transition skills, then this is one of the best places to be.

There you’ll find a variety of features, including a taco quarter pipe, jersey barriers, hubba ledges and stairs. Plus you’ll have plenty of space to test your ability.

People love to help each other develop at this skate park, as well as challenge each other to ‘skate offs’.

K’Road is just around the corner too with a variety of quirky clothing and skateboard shops so you’ll be well-placed if you’re looking to invest in some more equipment.

Bond Street, Kingsland, Auckland 1021

10. Victoria Park Skate Plaza

The Victoria Park Skate Plaza is one of the most popular skateparks in Auckland, for good reason.

It’s a skater’s paradise with quarter pipes, a half-pipe and a flowing bowl among other features. There is also an area full of stairs, gaps and ledges to really develop your technical skills.

The Victoria Park Skate Plaza is also a popular spot with pro-skaters. This makes it the perfect place for onlookers, and to motivate less experienced skaters.

Not only is it full of great obstacles, but the backdrop is stunning with scenic views out to the Harbour Bridge and the city skyline.

It is also centrally located which means it’s close to shops and well-serviced by public transport.

The only thing about this spot is that due to its popularity, the park can get very busy.

20 Beaumont Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010

11. Lynfield Bowl – Mt Roskill

The Lynfield Bowl is one of the oldest skateparks in Auckland and as it’s quieter than most others, it’s a great place to grow your confidence.

This skatepark only has two bowls which are joined together by a snake run but is still a great spot to visit. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, the Lynfield Bowl also has plenty of style transitions and vert.

Although this skatepark doesn’t offer as many features as some of the others in this article, it has plenty of character. It’s covered in a variety of graffiti from all the skaters that came before!

15 The Avenue, Mount Roskill, Auckland 1041

12. Barry Curtis Skatepark – Flat Bush

The Barry Curtis Skatepark is one of the newer skateparks in Auckland. It’s full of awesome features for skaters, including several bowls, a grind box, and a wedge ramp.

There is also an open street course at Barry Curtis which is full of various ledges, handrails, gaps, and stairs. This makes it the perfect place to try your hand at some new tricks.

The skatepark’s surface is incredibly smooth, which allows skaters to pick up a good level of speed which is another bonus.

We love that this park is laid out perfectly, with plenty of space for everyone.

169 Ormiston Road, Flat Bush, Auckland 2016

13. Forest Hill Skatepark

The Forest Hill Skatepark has recently undergone renovations to improve the elements within the park. Now it flows well, making for a much better skating experience.

There is now a concrete mini ramp, skate ledge and a turnaround quarter pipe among other new obstacles. The park also has a variety of ledges and handrails if you’re looking for more of a challenge.

Although small, it’s a pretty cool area to skate – especially with the pole jam at the bottom of the park!

253 Forrest Hill Road, Forrest Hill, Auckland 0620

14. Jack Pringle Skatepark – Te Atatu

The Jack Pringle Skatepark is another of Auckland’s skateparks that have recently had an upgrade.

You’ll find a mini ramp, banked walls within the park and a large turnaround quarter pipe. Skaters can also reach much faster speeds now that the surface has also been smoothed out.

Another unique aspect of this park is the Levi Hawken concrete motif that was installed to encourage street art and graffiti.

It’s also the perfect skatepark in Auckland for a family day out as it’s near a children’s playground.

Harbour View Road, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland 0610

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So there you have it – 14 of the best skateparks in Auckland!

The skateparks in this list cater to beginners, intermediate and advanced skaters, so there is something for everyone!

If you’re a keen skater, which one is your favourite?

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