Book an Australian travel consultation

Are you feeling overwhelmed planning your Australian adventure?

Have you pencilled in a rough route that you’d like some feedback on?

Want to bounce ideas and talk to an Aussie?

Keen to make the most of your time down under?

Let us help!

In addition to the information on this site and in our Facebook community, we are also available for private travel consultations.

These meetings are the perfect opportunity for you to receive 1-on-1, tailored advice about your upcoming trip to Australia — especially if it’s your first time visiting.

Recently had a one to one consultation with Lucy for an upcoming Aus trip. She was very helpful, provided me with useful tips and lots of activity/itinerary options. Reasonably priced and valuable help from Lucy 😊

Lindsey Rae, ATT member

Already know you want to book? Request a suitable appointment on Lucy’s calendar… this will be the time in your timezone.

Book a private travel consultation with an Australian expert

What is Included in My Consultation?

Your consultation will include:

  • Uninterrupted time with Lucy – a Travel Tips admin and Australian born-and-bred. This session will be private for you/your travel group. You’ll be provided with a link that will allow others in your party to join, even if they’re based in a different location. This time will be used to co-construct a personalised itinerary, share local knowledge and answer your questions. We do not book activities/attractions/flights/accommodation on your behalf, but can help get you ready to book independently.
  • A recording of your consultation — perfect if you’d like to rewatch it in the future.
  • A Google Sheet with your personalised itinerary/notes.
  • Discounts for applicable activities.

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare?

To make the most of your consultation, we suggest you come prepared with a few questions… chances are you’ll have no shortage of those.

If you have a rough itinerary, you’re welcome to email it through.

Please note though, we cannot guarantee this will be read in advance of your meeting due to time constraints.

Though we don’t expect you to come prepared, the more organised you are, the more you’re likely to get out of your session.

What Can I Ask?

Nothing is off limits — we’re here to help!

You might want to know about:

  • Unmissable activities
  • The best place to do a certain activity (eg. where might I see kangaroos?)
  • Tramps/hikes
  • Hidden gems
  • Australian must-dos — are they really ‘must do’ for me?
  • How long you should spend in each area
  • Accommodation recommendations
  • The best form of transport
  • Rental car vs campervan — what to choose?
  • The best time to travel in Australia
  • Packing for your holiday
  • Booking activities and accommodation — how far in advance should I do so?
  • Budgeting advice
  • Where can I find the best prices? How can I get my discounts?
  • Visa requirements (please note, we do not give official advise about this)
  • What it’s like to travel in Australia since COVID-19.

Though we can’t guarantee we’ll know all of the answers, Lucy is a local and an Australia expert. She has broad general knowledge, is well researched and keeps herself up-to-date.

She knowns the eastern coast of Australia incredibly well but can guide you in planning most aspects of a trip down under.

However, please keep in mind that Australia is a particularly big country…

If there’s anything she’s unsure of, she’ll be honest and will do her best to point you in the right direction.


Private consultations are charged at a rate of USD130/hour.

Payment is required when you make your booking. This is done by credit card.

We are frequently told that our advice saves people significant money.

Our local knowledge ensures that your itinerary is created in the most logical way, avoiding any doubling back. We’re also able to suggest amazing free sightseeing and can direct you to paid activities that offer the best value for money (often with discounts).

We practically guarantee that we’ll save you money by talking to us!

How Long Should I Book For?

Your booking length will depend on a number of factors including:

  • How long you plan to be in Australia
  • How prepared your itinerary already is
  • The level of detail you’d like to discuss
  • The number of general questions you have.

You might choose to book one appointment initially before going away to do some more research and reflection, and then book a follow-up call.

Alternatively, you might prefer to walk away with a finalised itinerary so you can begin finalising accommodation and transport.

If starting from scratch we recommend the following as an estimate:

  • 1 hour for an itinerary that is up to 7 days long
  • 1.5 hours for an itinerary that is between 8 days and 12 days
  • 2 hours + for an itinerary over 13 days.

Mini consultations

Lucy also offers an introductory consultation for up to 30 minutes.

This time can be used to answer your questions or to create a draft route based on your interests and timeframe.

However, we are limited by how much Lucy can achieve in half an hour.

Choose a Time

Please request your preferred time below.

Once we’ve confirmed that the time you have requested is suitable, Lucy will send you a video call link and calendar invite.

Please ensure you have a stable internet connection and that you have granted Teams access to your microphone before your session.

You are not required to have a Microsoft Teams membership in order to participate in a call.

This calendar shows Lucy’s general availability (in your timezone) but it differs a little from week to week. All times will be confirmed before booking.

Please be aware that last-minute requests might not be filled due to timezone differences and other commitments.

As a travel consultant, Lucy will help organise a personalised itinerary for you. She does not, however, book on your behalf. You’ll be free to finalise your itinerary and to book wherever you like. We’ll provide you lots of discounts to help keep the cost down though.