9 of the best Auckland playgrounds – Family-approved!

Discover the best Auckland playgrounds with this list from a local playground expert!

Auckland is fortunate to have many fantastic reserves, parks and playgrounds. With wide-open spaces, unique and engaging equipment and a range of parent-pleasers (like fully fenced spaces, so you can really relax), these parks are worth checking out.

Spread across the region, some are modern whilst others have an eco-twist – regardless of how they look, all of the playgrounds on this list are amazing!

The Benefits of Visiting a Playground

Playgrounds allow young children to be physically active, improve coordination and learn interpersonal skills. That’s not to mention the fact that they help little ones burn off energy, resulting in a great night’s sleep – everyone wins there!

Little ones love challenging themselves on playgrounds, building their confidence and dexterity in the process.

It’s almost hard to believe that something that’s so much fun can have so many practical benefits too!

Finally, all of these playgrounds are free-of-charge to visit, resulting in a budget-friendly day out with your whānau too.

Enjoy exploring the best Auckland playgrounds with your family!

We recommend you always be SunSmart when visiting playgrounds – or as we like to say in NZ, slip, slop, slap and wrap.

Slip into the shade (or slip on a shirt), slap on a hat, slop on sunscreen and wrap on sunglasses.

The sun in New Zealand is harsh, so it’s important to protect yourself when you’re out at the best playgrounds Auckland has.

The Best Auckland Playgrounds

We have explored many of Auckland’s playgrounds to bring you our top choices. Some have been well-loved for years, some are new. Some are grand and some are small.

Each playground is unique and offers different options for tamariki (children) and their whānau. 

Two very slim pyramids in grey colour with a very pointy red and yellow tip standing beside each other and attached to a bridge made up of ropes leading to a slide tube near the green trees.
Tui Glen Reserve Playground in Henderson, Auckland.

The Best Central Auckland Playgrounds

In no particular order (aside from location), these are 9 of the best playgrounds in Auckland – according to our playground expert!

1. Western Springs Lakeside Park Playground

The entire Western Springs Lakeside Park is a lovely setting for a walk, ride or scoot around the lake and through the park, and with the brand new playground upgrade, it offers something for all ages.

Young toddlers have been well catered for with a specific play space. Percussion play, low tunnels, playhouses, climbing apparatus, a hill to climb with a slide down, and interactive boards are well positioned under shade sails.

Older preschool and primary-age children can explore the incredible acorn tower, swings, giant basket swing, carousel and much more! There are natural elements within the playground including large logs behind the acorn towers that are great for climbing or balancing on (also great for adults looking for a shaded seat).

Picnic tables and BBQs make it a great destination for a whole morning or afternoon out.

This is a great playground to visit before or after a visit to Auckland Zoo or MOTAT, or make it a destination on its own.

The playground is nestled to the right of Auckland Zoo, the closest parking is in the zoo car park or on Motions Road for a short walk through to the playground. Other parking is on Great North Road so you can enjoy a walk through the park (maybe take a stroller for little legs) and there is a little parking by MOTAT also.

99 Motions Road, Western Springs, Auckland 1022

Two slide tubes with orange protective cover on top is connected by a smaller tube, while the lower section is attached to another protective cover with access leading to the ground. The play structure is supported by green-painted metal poles designed to resemble bamboo.

2. Western Park Playground

Between Freemans Bay and Ponsonby is Western Park. Some of the trees around this park are the oldest in Auckland, making it a great place for a walk as well as a play.

The Western Park Playground is perfect for all ages – from toddlers to teens.

It features include a 25m slide – one of the highest and longest in Auckland – plus two more slides, forts, swings, a seesaw, balancing features, small trampolines and a flying fox. The trampolines and carousel are at ground level for easier access and there is also a wheelchair-friendly basket swing.

The lower-level play space is suitable for wheelchairs and prams. 

Adult exercise equipment, two tennis courts, public toilets and beautiful green spaces to walk through complete this park. 

It really is a fantastic option for the whole family.

5/7 Howe Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011

Children playing on the park's seesaw, swings, and colourful tube slides while their parents watch over them.

3. Waterview Reserve (Oakley Park)

This play space has something for everyone – children and adults. Pack some snacks, bikes or scooters to make the most of it.

With a large playground and plenty of equipment to share, the Waterview Reserve playground caters to all ages.

There are different options to spin, fly, climb, balance, swing and slide – lots of fun! Other playground features include waterplay, sand play, beach volleyball, basketball, BMX track and a skatepark. 

In addition, there are public toilets, rubbish bins, drinking fountains, picnic tables, BBQs, a covered gazebo area and scattered trees to picnic under.

We recommend checking out the Waterview Reserve when you’re in central Auckland.

31 Herdman Street, Waterview, Auckland 1026

A kid climbing up the winding stairs of a fall-protected tower that leads to the top of a tube slide.

The Best North Auckland Playgrounds

4. Huntington Reserve

Opened in late 2020 this small, modern playground is in a quiet neighbourhood in Greenhithe.

The Huntington Reserve playground has been creatively designed and incorporates both natural materials and rubber matting. 

The playground equipment is best suited to children aged 3-8 years of age and provides opportunities to improve strength, balance and agility with swinging, spinning, sliding and jumping equipment. Features include swings (including a toddler swing and basket swing), a spinner bowl, a slide, a climbing net, lots of balancing opportunities and stepping posts.

Access paths, rubbish bins, picnic tables, seating and landscape planting are all included. There are no public toilets available though so ensure you go before leaving home.

Your family is sure to enjoy this gorgeous little playground.

Kyle Road, Greenhithe, Auckland 0632

Swings, trampoline, and concrete spherical bollards displayed around the playground with golden brown surface which surrounded by trees and grasslands.

Our Favourite West Auckland Playgrounds

5. Kopupaka Reserve Playground

Opened April 1, 2021, in Westgate Auckland, Kopupaka Reserve Playground offers a new level of experience for Auckland playgrounds. The playground design allows endless opportunities for families to interact together using sand play, water play, playground equipment and places to gather, share kai and mingle.

Set over two levels on a vast piece of land there is a variety of play spaces that offer something for all ages including exercise equipment for adults.

The lower level playground provides options for children to strengthen balance and coordination and a smaller slide.

By comparison, the upper-level playground includes in-ground trampolines, climbing towers (that reflect the local strawberry farming history), a dancing snake swing (where plaited ropes swing & rotate around a maypole), see-saws, a flying fox (also known as a zipline), swing set (including basket, toddler and regular swings) and the adult exercise area.

This playground is worth going out of your way for!

Spring Garden Avenue, Westgate, Auckland 0814

Two structures in Kopupaka Reserve Playground, one with stairs that has a bridge connecting to the taller one that has the top entrance of a green slide tube.

6. Royal Park Reserve

Royal Reserve is a modern, exciting playground in Massey. It is perfect for a family outing, short walk, cycle or scooter ride – and of course, perfect for some playtime fun!

The smaller playground is ideal for younger children – it has smooth paths that are flush with the safety matting (making them perfect for strollers and wheelchairs). It also includes a wheelchair-accessible carousel, net seesaw, basket swing, and in-ground trampolines.

The larger playground features one of the widest slides in Auckland, towers, climbing walls and awesome slides. There are also sandpits, swings, climbing ropes and more!

Royal Reserve includes BBQs and picnic tables, a half basketball court (with two hoops) and a ‘learn to ride bike’ track (complete with road markings and signs). This provides children with options to grow their confidence on their bikes and scooters.

With so much to do, it’s worth adding the Royal Park Reserve playground to your next weekend itinerary!

7 Beauchamp Drive, Massey, Auckland 0614

This playground features some wheelchair-accessible equipment, allowing everyone to be included.

The Royal Park Reserve with colourful matting, towers with bridges between them and tube slides leading down on a blue matting.

7. Archibald Park Playground

This neat, well-designed playground opened in late 2020 in Archibald Park, Kelston.

The Archibald Park playground features include a 25-metre flying fox (which is suitable for younger children too) and has a small fully-fenced, shaded toddler playground area. The duck mai mai-inspired tower overlooks the bird life on the Whau River and comes complete with a tunnel slide and interactive play panels. The swing set also includes toddler swings, a basket swing and two regular swings – all with soft astroturf underneath.

All ages and abilities have been well catered for throughout this fantastic park.

The path around the playground has gentle slopes, making it suitable for wheelchairs and strollers. In-ground trampolines and a spinning flying saucer provide additional accessible play equipment.

This playground is definitely worth a visit. We recommend making a morning of your visit – why not pack a picnic, kick a ball on the fields beside the playground or walk, ride or scoot Te Whau pathway?

Have fun!

109 Archibald Road, Kelston, Auckland 0602

This playground features a fantastic range of wheelchair-accessible equipment! Nobody needs to miss out here.

A playground climber leading to the top of a slide tube that's built near the grasslands of Archibald Park Playground.

Bonus Playground: We’ve not included Tui Glen Reserve playground (in Henderson) on this list but it really does deserve a mention. Whilst in the area, we highly recommend you pay it a visit.

Awesome East Auckland Playgrounds

8. Omana Beach Reserve Roadside Playground 

We love a beachside playground and Omana Beachside playground in Maraetai with its shipwreck and nautical theme is one of the best!

Climb the ship, walk the plank or spin, swing, bounce or rotate on the dancing snake.

The playground is located opposite Omana Beach with gorgeous views. It offers something for all ages.

The ship fort includes plenty of climbing options, a slide and a telescope. There is also a smaller toddler fort, a swing set (toddler, regular and basket swings), a dancing snake rope swing, a supernova ring and a net hammock with a wonderful view (which is great for adults too).

And of course, there is a fantastic beach right there. We suggest you take your buckets, spades, and swimwear and play in the sand or paddle in the water.

Public toilets are only a short walk away from this well-appointed seaside park.

48 Omana Esplanade, Maraetai 2018

A small playground near the beach featuring a blue tube slide on a sunny weather.

9. Eastern Beach Playground

Last but certainly not least, this modern nautical-themed fully-fenced playground has a lovely view of the beach. There is a shaded grassy area to kick a ball (and keep out of the sun) and lots of fantastic equipment to enjoy.

There you’ll find climbing equipment (to encourage balance, confidence and agility), tunnels, a noughts & crosses interactive panel, a swing set, a rocker and lots of options to support upper body strength development.

As a bonus, it is just across the road from the beach and a café too!

Picnic tables, park benches, public toilets and drinking fountains are all available on site.

34 The Esplanade, Eastern Beach, Auckland 2012

Eastern Beach Playground under the beautiful blue skies with swings, colourful slides, obstacle course, and other facilities for kids built near the beach.

With so many amazing playgrounds in the City of Sails, which will you visit first?

Guest post by Pip Davidson. Pip loves everything and anything related to play – as such, she even runs Playz to connect communities through a shared love of play. Fun Aunty and Gran Pip to seven fantastic children, she is also a former Early Childhood Teacher. You’ll find her out and about with her little friends, exploring playgrounds and other fun places and sharing them online. Let her inspire your whānau with amazing playgrounds and family-friendly entertainment options right across New Zealand.

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