The best destination-specific travel groups

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know we run the largest and most active Facebook group that is focused on trip planning in New Zealand.

If you’re not already a part of our community, please join us for tips, tricks, discounts, information and heaps of inspiration.

A number of fabulous Facebook travel planning groups exist, and we’re happy to share our favourites with you.

A quality Facebook community can take your trip planning to the next level, so be sure to check them out.

Our favourite travel-planning Facebook groups

If you’re planning travel to another part of the world, jump into these Facebook groups

Scotland Travel Tips

Scotland Travel Tips is run by Yvette (AKA Wayfaring Kiwi). You might recognise her name, as she pulls double duty by moderating in NZTT too.

Yvette has been an amazing sounding board and support as NZTT has grown.

Her group is informative, respectful and full of beautiful photos and helpful blog posts.

It’s a must-join if you’re headed to Scotland.

Scotland Travel Tips: Website | Private Facebook group.

UK Travel Planning

Run by Tracy and her husband, UK Travel Planning is a group with a very similar tone to NZTT.

Community members are encouraged to share their perspectives in a respectful manner and Tracy spends a great deal of time giving personal feedback.

This is a kind and supportive group of people – definitely check it out if you’re heading to the UK.

UK Travel Planning: Website | Private Facebook group.

Argentina Travel Tips

Erin modelled Argentina Travel Tips off New Zealand Travel Tips so it’s unsurprising that it has a similar, welcoming feel.

The group itself is well organised, using featured posts to ensure frequently used information is within easy reach.

And with amazing places like Patagonia, Iguazu and Ushuaia (where many people depart for Antarctica), it’ll help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

Argentina Travel Tips: Website | Private Facebook group.

Dive into Malaysia

Though Dive into Malaysia is one of the smallest groups on this list, it’s well worth checking out.

Sharon is super active in this community, making herself personally available to answer questions. She also frequently shares relevant blog posts and encourages conversations in the group.

And despite the name of the group, it’s not about diving – it’ll see you right no matter what kind of trip you have planned in Malaysia.

Dive into Malaysia: Website | Private Facebook group.

Japan Travel Planning

Japan Travel Planning is the group that inspired me to start New Zealand Travel Tips.

We used Anne’s group to plan our own amazing visit to Japan, and it was in Hiroshima, on that very trip, that I hit the ‘create’ button, bringing NZTT to life.

This group is a wealth of helpful, reliable information. We used it to organise an incredible trip and know you’ll be able to too.

Japan Travel Planning: Website | Private Facebook group.

And of course, there’s our group, New Zealand Travel Tips.

We could tell you all about how amazing our community is, but we’ll let our members do the talking…

This is by far the best travel group I’ve seen, and it has been my go-to for planning our trip. We’re at our gate waiting to board to Auckland.

Jessica Curtin

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts – this group helps make dreams come true.

Celia O’Donovan

I always refer people to our lovely community of travellers and travel nerds! Thank you for giving us this place to show off our country 🫶🏼

Trudy Cunningham

This group has been so nice, so helpful and truly instrumental in us planning and navigating our upcoming trip. I know our trip will be so much better because of the information and tips I have been given here.

Lynnette Curry Craig

We have just got back to the UK after an amazing 6 week trip to New Zealand and wanted to say a huge thank you to this group, especially Sarah Chant, for all the advice and suggestions, it definitely made our holiday what it was – a fabulous adventure (although not without its weather, travel, hotel related issues!).

We were blown away by your stunning country and how welcoming New Zealanders were to 2 intrepid first time travellers 💕🇳🇿

Briony Hancox

What other Facebook communities have helped you plan your travels?

Send us an email so we can consider adding them to this list of recommendations.

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