30 of the most epic doughnuts in Auckland

We are spoilt for choice with doughnuts in Auckland. With so many amazing flavours and styles to choose from, it can be surprisingly hard to know exactly where to go for the best sweet treats.

To help you on your mission to devour the best doughnuts in Auckland, we’ve done the hard work for you – don’t worry though, we didn’t mind!

From freshly iced American-style donuts (strawberry, maple, chocolate glazed – take your pick) to creamy jam-filled Kiwi classics like you’d find at your favourite childhood bakery, we’ve got them all in the City of Sails.

Some cafes and bakeries in Auckland really push the envelope, creating amazing new flavour combinations. These innovative doughnuts are absolute must-haves for any dessert connoisseur.

Whether you choose to take yourself on a whistle-stop doughnut tour or pick out your potential favourites and enjoy them over a longer period of time, we can guarantee you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth.

Enjoy devouring the very best doughnuts in town…

Where to Find the Best Doughnuts in Auckland

In order of location, these are 10 of our favourite doughnut bakeries in the City of Sails.

As an added bonus, we’ve also included an additional 21 locations that serve up incredible doughnuts around Auckland so you can take yourself on a doughnut-eating road trip. That’s 31 opportunities to get your hands on the tastiest doughnuts in the city!

Auckland-Wide Doughnut Hotspots

1. Mamas Donuts

If you’re looking for gorgeously light American-style doughnuts in a raft of memorable flavours, Mamas Donuts is where it’s at.

Having started in Hamilton in 2006, this family-run business soon grew to include stores in Auckland, Tauranga, the Hawke’s Bay, and Dunedin – and that’s good news as once you’re in the know, you’ll want to pick them up as you travel around New Zealand!

Choose from a range of delicious flavours – we suggest you pick up a dozen to make the most of all the options available.

Our favourites include peanut butter glaze (the perfect combo of sweet and salty), creme brûlée and lamington, but honestly, you can’t go wrong!

Just be sure to check back the following month, as flavours are updated frequently (and you wouldn’t want to miss a new favourite flavour).

173a Archers Road, Hillcrest, Auckland 0629

89D Springs Road, East Tāmaki (Botany), Auckland 2013

12 different flavours and designs of doughnuts in a box arranged in 3 by 4 rows.

2. Grownup Donuts

If you’re interested in doughnuts and live in the City of Sails, you’ve probably come across Grownup Donuts by now. This rapidly expanding franchise is fast becoming a favourite amongst locals.

Their doughnuts are based on the Italian bomboloni which is made from yeast-based dough and designed to be filled. And fill them, they do!

Fillings include roasted banana custard with butterscotch, espresso glazed with vanilla bean, and Belgian chocolate with roasted hazelnut.

They rotate their flavours fortnightly, providing the perfect opportunity to try new flavours whilst keeping an eye out for your favourites to return.

As an added bonus, they’ll even take requests, so if you’re craving a flavour you’ve had before (that’s not currently on their menu) be sure to reach out and let them know.

Freshly baked and filled, it’s always time for a Grownup Donut!

44 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson, Auckland 0612

171 Target Road, Wairau Valley, Auckland 0627

2 Anzac Avenue, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010

185 Great South Road, Manurewa, Auckland 2102

Did you know? Grownup Donuts serve vegan doughnuts as an option and are currently working on a gluten-free version too.

A doughnut inside a white paper bag with its white cream on top and a sprinkle of red nutmeg.

Amazing Doughnuts on the North Shore

3. Beaufort + Co

Though Beaufort + Co don’t specialise in doughnuts, they certainly do an amazing job of them!

These treats only used to be available on the weekend, but firmly believing you can’t have too much of a good thing, they’re now proud to serve up some of the best doughnuts in Auckland – every day of the week.

A new flavour is released each week (and occasionally they’ll offer two different flavour options at once) and there’s one thing for sure – they’re guaranteed to be a taste sensation!

With options like honey wildflower mascarpone and caramel sauce, topped with a chocolate-coated piece of caramel Anzac, and a Pimms and strawberry doughnut with a piece of mint sponge and a choc-dipped strawberry, these doughnuts are a gourmet delight.

Trust us when we say, they’re worth the drive!

Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for flavour updates. New flavours are released each weekend.

52f Oteha Valley Road, Oteha, Auckland 0632

Display of chocolate cake doughnuts filled with luscious chocolate cream, and topped with even more chocolate cream, as well as a delectable solid chocolate chunk.

4. Wen & Yen

Run by two sisters-in-law – one a food scientist, the other a pastry chef – it’s easy to imagine just how good these doughnuts are!

With creative flavour combinations sitting alongside absolute classics, you really can’t go wrong at Wen & Yen. They specialise in beautifully balanced flavours, ensuring that each of their doughnuts is tasty without being overly sweet.

Their treats are hearty and filling – they’re like our classic kiwi bakery doughnuts on steroids.

We recommend trying the Boston creme (with its smooth custard and dark chocolate ganache) and raspberry and cream (complete with a tart raspberry compote and fresh whipped cream). Each of them is served up fresh-out-of-the-oven that morning and with that perfect crunch.

Whilst you’re there, be sure to throw one of their classic cinnamon doughnuts in a takeaway bag too – you can thank us for it later.

6/32 Constellation Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632

Did you know? Wen & Yen also make their own gluten-free and vegan doughnuts, so they’re quite the destination store.

Three doughnuts on a plate, each with different cream toppings of various colours from white cream, chocolate, and powdered sugar.

The Best Central Auckland Doughnuts

5. Love from Marjorie

We were put onto Love from Marjorie by a member of Exploring Auckland and though we’re tempted to keep this local gem a secret, we can’t help but share it with you.

It’s hard to explain but these tasty treats actually taste healthy. They are doughnuts (so we doubt that’s actually true), but this is as close to a guilt-free treat as you’ll find on this list. They are every bit as tasty as any other doughnut here too!

They are made from a sourdough recipe which takes longer to craft than a normal commercially-yeasted brioche doughnut – we’re sure you’ll agree that the effort is entirely worth it though.

Each time they bake they offer just one flavour but as the saying goes, do it once and do it right. And do it right, the team certainly does.

We loved their cinnamon sugar rolled doughnut, filled with homemade blackcurrant and blueberry filling and the perfect amount of freshly whipped cream. Yum!

The local doughnut-lovers that visit Love from Marjorie are onto a good thing – and now you’re in on the secret too, we recommend paying this delightful little food truck a visit ASAP.

Food truck – Based in Remuera

Pro tip: Love from Marjorie only bake doughnuts once a week (or so). They normally sell them on Fridays but during these COVID times they tend to have them available on Wednesdays instead. Keep an eye on their Instagram account to see what they have and when.

Two doughnuts sprinkled with sugar powder, white cream filled in the middle, and a red cream topping while being placed inside a brown paper bag.

6. Bread & Butter Bakery and Cafe

Some things are worth waiting for… like the brioche doughnuts made by Bread & Butter in Grey Lynn!

Served only on the weekend, these light-as-air treats are well and truly worth the cheat-day (though if you’re dieting, this probably isn’t the article for you!)

The Bread & Butter team focus on fresh, quality ingredients and we’re sure you’ll agree – you really can taste the difference.

With tasty flavour profiles like passionfruit meringue, chocolate hazelnut praline, and salted caramel, pear & vanilla mascarpone, these doughnuts are worth going out of your way for.

Better still, they’ll even deliver them to you right around Auckland!

34 Westmoreland Street West, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021

A doughnut with creamy white fillings in the middle, sprinkled sugar powder on top, and another dollop of cream with a slice of strawberry.

7. Little & Friday

No list featuring the best doughnuts in Auckland would be complete without mention of Little & Friday.

These popular cafes created the first-ever iconic doughnuts in Tāmaki Makaurau and to this day, they’re still going strong – for good reason, too.

Filled with raspberry coulis and crème diplomat, these brioche doughnuts are then rolled generously in icing sugar.

Massive and incredibly filling, they’re perfect to share.

We won’t judge you if you want to keep one entirely to yourself though!

232 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011

11 McColl Street, Newmarket, Auckland 1023

These doughnuts are the “the best you will ever eat.”

Alice Harbourne – Food writer

Did you know? Little & Friday produces their own cookbook called ‘Treats from Little and Friday’ – in it, you’ll find the recipe for these very doughnuts.

Doughnuts are arranged in an upright position, coated with a thick layer of white powder, and a vibrant red cream layered on top of the white cream.

8. DOE Donuts

The team at Doe Donuts combine Cook Island-inspired doughnuts with quirky, modern flavours, resulting in some of the most unique sweet treats in the City of Sails.

With flavours like marshmallow fluff & jam, coffee macadamia, lamington and bubblegum, you know you’re in for a treat.

What’s more, it’s possible to swing by their shop (where you’ll be tempted beyond belief) or to plan your order for delivery.

DOE is an edible collaboration of our identity, with many of our recipes stemming from nostalgic Kiwiana and heartwarming Pasifika memories.

We believe that food not only brings people together but creates memorable experiences. Filled, glazed, blowtorched, dusted, we love to see the looks on people’s faces as they sink their teeth into something we have made, out of real, quality ingredients and with extra lashings of heart and soul.


356 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021

A pavlova doughnut sliced in half, showing its creamy fillings in the middle and cocoa nibs and strawberry slices on top.
Pavlova doughnut, anyone?

Our Favourite South Auckland Doughnuts

9. Deputy Donuts

Whilst on the hunt for delicious doughnuts in South Auckland, there’s one place you just have to pay a visit to – Deputy Donuts.

From humble beginnings, the Deputy Donuts crew has fast built a cult-following – and they deserve all the praise they get!

Soft and flavourful, these yeast-raised doughnuts come in delicious flavours like raspberry and mascarpone cream, choccy mousse and spiced apple with fresh house-made custard & mascarpone vanilla cream.

They generally bake on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, but it’s best to keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming flavours and availability.

Once you’ve got your goodies, we recommend heading along to a beautiful beach nearby (there are plenty to choose from) to give them a taste test. We challenge you to stop at one!

Alternatively, if you prefer to just rock up (and perhaps want to stay a little closer to the city) head along to any Farro Fresh store on Fridays and Saturdays. There, you’ll find a selection of freshly made Deputy Donuts.


15 George Town Drive, Beachlands 2018

Holding a doughnut that is covered in dried chocolate cream and an extra chocolate bar on top.

Head out West for the Best Doughnuts in Auckland

10. Just Jess Boujee Bakery – Kumeu

Undoubtedly the most Insta-friendly location on this list, Just Jess Boujee Bakery serves up beautiful sweet treats in West Auckland.

Each week, the girls create the most incredible flavour combinations. We particularly enjoyed our banoffee longboi and the strawberry glazed roundie, though the flavours could well be different when you visit as they’re always being updated.

The doughnuts have a distinctive flavour (that we’d describe as almond), but the recipe is, of course, a closely guarded secret.

Each of these desserts is a meal in itself so be sure to visit with an empty puku (and a fully-charged camera).

What a stunning way to round up our favourite Auckland doughnuts!

16 Matua Road, Huapai, Auckland 0810

A tray of delicious doughnuts topped with a luscious layer of strawberry cream and crowned with a juicy half-dipped strawberry fruit.

Other Highly Recommended Doughnuts in Auckland

Looking for more doughnuts around town?

We combined our knowledge with that of the members of the NZTT community to share these additional doughnut delights in the City of Sails.

Have fun eating your way around Auckland!

  • Whipped Cakery – Albany
  • Gourmet Gannet Bakery – Hobsonville
  • Scratch Bakers – Auckland CBD
  • Rude Boy Deli & Eatery – Auckland CBD
  • Bluebells Cakery – Auckland CBD, Kingsland, and Hillborough
  • The Baker’s Cottage – Kingsland
  • Wise Fox – New Lynn
  • Foxtrot Parlour – Grey Lynn – Injectable doughnuts
  • The Mustard Kitchen – Sandringham
  • Hello Friends + Allies – Epsom
  • Little Sister Café – Henderson
  • Doughnut Haus – Ranui
  • Double Shot – Muriwai
  • Showa Cafe – St Heliers
  • NZ Bakery Donuts – Flat Bush
  • Little Oak – Karaka
  • Khaos Cakery – Howick
  • Mint Cakery – Ellerslie
  • Flour Mill Bakery – Pukekohe
  • Epiphany Cafe – Auckland-wide

Of the Flour Mill Bakery in Pukekohe: “My favourite is the apple donut! Beautiful crunchie, crisp outside and a lovely soft inside with a good amount of apple and cream.”

Jemma Shepherd – Exploring Auckland

All up, that’s 30 different locations serving up outstanding doughnuts in Auckland!

Isn’t it time you planned a visit or two?

Some doughnuts on this post were gifted for consideration in this guide. Doing so did not guarantee their inclusion. As always, all thoughts are our own.

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