Where to go for the most gorgeous eyebrow tattoo in Auckland

After completing extensive research and return visits, we have found what we believe to be the most professional and consistently beautiful eyebrow tattoo Auckland has to offer. If you are looking for a semi-permanent makeup solution in the City of Sails, there is only one place we recommend visiting – Amanda Guerin Brow Artistry.

I’ve always been a low-maintenance girl – in the mornings I have a quick shower and leave the house sans makeup. I’d rather have 15 minutes extra sleep than to get up early to prepare my face to meet the world.

Eyebrow tattooing has proven to be the ideal solution for me. Not only do I now roll out of bed looking more presentable (with absolutely no effort) but I know that my brows will remain looking flawless all day, regardless of what I’m doing.

They’re also perfect for travelling with – leave your makeup bag behind while looking a bit more put-together.

You could even say that brow tattooing has proven somewhat of a gateway beauty treatment for me as I’ve since gone on to have my lips tattooed. I’m also a massive fan of Amanda’s lash lifts – they leave me looking doe-eyed for weeks at a time.

But I digress – we’re here today to celebrate the best eyebrow tattooing Auckland City has on offer.

The Best Eyebrow Tattoo in Auckland

Eyebrows frame the face and instantly freshen you up. Even without any other makeup, a pair of well-groomed and defined brows help make you look put together.

How good would it feel waking up ready to take the day on without any effort?

I can confirm, it feels amazing!

All finished after my colour-boosting tattoo treatment.

Amanda does my eyebrows too – my last session was 2 years ago and still going strong! She’s the best!

Julia-Rose Hayes – Meadowbank Mums

What to Expect When Visiting AGBA for Brow Tattooing

Before Your Appointment

Before booking your semi-permanent tattoo, you will be required to undertake a pre-tattoo consultation. This provides you with an opportunity to discuss your preferred look and gives Amanda the opportunity to check that you’re a suitable candidate for cosmetic tattooing and talk you through the process.

This can be done online – would you expect anything less in a post-COVID world?

At Your Eyebrow Tattoo Appointment

Upon arriving, you’ll be warmly welcomed and invited to lay down.

Using an app, speciality measuring tools and her incredible eye, Amanda will draw the outline of your perfect eyebrows. She expertly works with your existing brows, face shape and eye position to create perfectly balanced eyebrows that are uniquely you.

In addition, she’ll custom blend a colour to suit your skin tone and hair colour. Should you have had previous tattooing done, she’ll adapt your new pigment to get the best result when paired with your existing colour.

Of course, you’ll be invited to share your input throughout the process.

Once you’re both happy, your eyebrows will be given a little tidy before beginning.

Here I am pre-tattooing with my pencil outline complete and colours tested.

Meticulously hygenic, Amanda will set to work with your tattoo. The first ‘pass’ of your brows is done without any anaesthetic. This is because it needs to enter broken skin to be effective.

It really does not hurt though! In fact, when she first set to work on my brows I genuinely didn’t believe that she’d started!

Once your custom pigment has been laid down right across your brows, a numbing gel is applied. This ensures that the process remains pain-free throughout.

Numbing gel applied – it’s time for the second pass.

Once you’re well and truly numbed up, Amanda will continue building your ideal shape and colour.

Throughout the process, she checks in to ensure you’re happy with the direction they’re taking. She is such a pro though that there’s really no need! I trust Amanda’s eye much more than I’ll ever trust my own.

Following Your Appointment

You’ll head home with a little care kit including cleanser, wipes, cotton buds and a special brow gel.

This will set you up with everything you need to take care of your brows initially. It’s important that you follow the aftercare instructions provided to ensure that your brows heal well.

Amanda is amazing! I highly recommend her.

Sarah Ellis – Meadowbank Mums


Does it hurt to have your eyebrows tattooed?

Surprisingly, it does not hurt to have powder/ombre eyebrows tattooed. A special cosmetic tattoo gun is used and the needle is tiny. The first pass is done without any numbing, but I genuinely couldn’t feel it at the start. Once the first pass is complete, Amanda applies numbing gel to the area. As she continues to work,

How do powder/ombre brows compare with microblading?


Microblading is applied using a collection of small needles. These needles are manually scratched deeper into the skin, creating an opening for pigment to be deposited. The resulting look is of a series of lines, designed to look like eyebrow hairs.

Microblading is not suited to all skin types. In fact, microblading can ‘fall out’ of some skin during the healing process (this happened to me – a month on, you would never have known I’d had it done) or can cause some people to scar.

I found microblading to be somewhat painful – especially towards the end of the session.

Powder Brows

By comparison, powder/ombre brows are done with a small cosmetic tattoo gun. Pigment is placed at a shallower depth. Because the needle enters the skin cleanly, depositing colour at the same time, this process is painless.

The final look result is similar to that of eyebrow powder/pencil and can be anything from natural to bold.

Having had both done, I would personally only ever recommend powder brows now. They look far more natural and don’t have the potential shortfalls of microblading.

Amanda is THE best! She is highly sort after. I have had brows and lips also ❤️

Karen Periam – Meadowbank Mums

How long will my appointment last?

The length of your booking will depend on what you’re having done.

As I had a colour boost this time around, Amanda didn’t need to draw me up – instead, she worked with my previous shape. Doing so took just over 2 hours (partially because we love to chat!)

If this is your first time being tattooed, you’ll need to allow approximately 3.5 hours.

How long will it take for my brows to heal?

Semi-permanent brows take 6-8 weeks in total to heal and up to a month to reveal their final colour – age, skin and health dependant.

In the first day or two following your appointment, your brows will appear darker as the colour oxidises. After 3-7 days your brows may scab (though mine didn’t at all). If this happens, it will last only for a few days. Following this, your colour may appear to lighten slightly before returning.

Keep in mind, the quality of your skin, age and aftercare will all play a role in how well you heal.

When should I book my tattooing appointment in?

If you have a big event coming up, we suggest booking your appointment well in advance. This will give you plenty of time to heal.

With that said, the healing process is a breeze and you don’t need to be worried about heading out in public straight after your appointment. Though they might be a little warmer in colour on the day of your appointment and a bit darker in the days following, they will still look like perfectly put together brows!

Heading to work in the days following your appointment really isn’t a concern.

Are you sure It really doesn’t hurt?

It doesn’t hurt – I promise!

We appreciate that committing to semi-permanent eyebrow makeup can feel like a daunting process.

Before you let someone near your face, you’ll want to ensure that they have testimonials that are second-to-none, extensive training and experience and stringent hygiene practices.

For these reasons and so many more, we highly recommend you pay a visit to Amanda Guerin Brow Artistry.

Not only is she the best in the business but a visit to Amanda really is like visiting a great friend – she’ll have you feeling at ease and beautiful all at once.

And we think that’s priceless!

AGBA and I have a contra agreement. I was under no obligation to share my thoughts on her services – she’s just so amazing that I had to let you know!

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