The best travel apps – Don’t go abroad without them

Remember when we used to travel without data and smartphones?

Technology has changed the way we interact, navigate and make sense of the world. And there’s no doubt that a helpful app can make travelling easier.

To help maximise your next trip, we’ve brought together all of our favourite travel apps.

Which ones will you install?

A screenshot of some travel apps on an iphone, including GetYourGuide, XE, Airalo, Been and TripAdvisor.

The best travel apps

Organise and track your travels


TripIt is the one app we’ll always travel with. It gathers together all of your itinerary entries (including accommodation, flights, tours and activities – basically anything you’d make a booking for), creating an easy-to-follow schedule.

TripIt has significantly improved our organisation on the road, allowing us to keep important dates and booking details within easy reach.

Plus, you can easily share your travel plans with your travel companions and emergency contacts.

Download: Android or Apple.

Did you know? You can forward emails to TripIt to have the app load your plans, or you can have it scan your emails automatically.


If you’re a seasoned traveller, you might enjoy keeping tabs on where you’ve been.

Been lets you document all of the different countries you’ve travelled to. And it displays your information in a personalised map.

Download: Apple – Android doesn’t have an official version of this app, but this is similar.

Conversion apps


XE has a reliable currency conversion app.

Simply choose the different currencies that you’d like to compare and the app will work its magic for you.

Exchange rates update frequently if you’re online, or the most recent rate will be applied if you’re offline.

We’ve used this many times while preparing for a trip and while travelling.

Download: Android or Apple.

Units Plus Converter

When you’re travelling abroad it can be hard to get your head around different units of measurement – weight, length, volume, speed – they can all be so different.

Units Plus Converter lets you convert between different units on the go.

Download: Android or Apple.

Apps if you’re travelling with friends


If you’ve ever travelled with friends, you’ll appreciate how challenging splitting bills can be. It’s hard to keep on top of who pays for what, particularly on a long trip.

Splitwise is a game-changer in these situations!

Whenever you pay for something, log it in the app and split it accordingly.

Then, at the end of your travels, TripIt will calculate everything for you, telling you how much you owe someone (or how much they owe you).

Download: Android or Apple.

Pro tip: Splitwise works just as well for splitting bills at home.

Navigation & Transport

Google Maps

Google Maps is a must-have when travelling.

Not only will it help you drive to where you need to go, it also brings up reliable information about public transport.

We recommend downloading the maps you might like to use in advance. This will allow you to navigate without needing data.

Download: Android or Apple.


Waze is another great mobile map app.

It shares real-time traffic updates, speed limits and more.

Plus, if you load your destination while you have access to WiFi, you won’t need any data as you travel – great for those who choose not to get roaming/local phone plans.

Download: Android or Apple.

Pro tip: Download both Google Maps and Waze – test them both out to see which works best in each country.


Transit makes life easy if you plan on catching public transit.

Instead of needing to download a different bus/subway app for each major city, Transit brings all the information you need together.

Operating in more than 300 cities, it shares route information and live updates about delays.

It makes taking public transport in a new country so much easier.

Download: Android or Apple.


We love using Uber when we travel – it is often more affordable than a taxi service, you’ll know exactly what the fare will cost you in advance and the app offers tracking for peace of mind.

Just be sure to verify your cellphone number before leaving home as you might not be able to once abroad.

Download: Android or Apple.

Flightradar24 | Flight Tracker

Get live updates about flights, direct to your phone.

Perfect if you’re due to collect someone else from the airport, or if you’d like to check the status on your inbound aircraft.

Download: Android or Apple.

Activity apps


If you’re into the outdoors, you might already have Trailforks installed on your phone.

This app shares heaps of information (including topographic maps, point of interest, trail rankings and more) on mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, moto and ski trail maps.

Available in more than 90 countries, don’t hit a trail without it.

Download: Android or Apple.


AllTrails is another popular app for hikers.

With a wide range of reviews and rankings, this app will help you choose the perfect hike for your experience, timeframe and interests.

Download: Android or Apple.

Assorted travel apps

White Noise Lite

Whether you need a hand falling asleep on a plane or you’re struggling to adjust to jet lag, White Noise Lite has a wide range of free sounds, each designed to help you relax and drift off.

Download: Android or Apple.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a real must-have app for those travelling abroad to countries that speak other languages.

The app translates from your language to others, can be used offline and even converts images in real-time (perfect for menus).

It has made a significant difference to the way we travel and we know it will benefit you too.

Download: Android or Apple.

WhatsApp & Messenger

Mobile roaming while overseas can be expensive, but by using data-based messaging apps (like Whatsapp and Messenger), you might be able to get away with using a data-only plan.

Using eSIMs, combined with these messaging platforms, can be a great way to save money.

Download Whatsapp: Android or Apple.

Download Messenger: Android or Apple.


Providing reliable weather forecasts and updates all around the world, Windy is a great addition to your mobile phone.

Download: Android or Apple.

Each of these awesome apps has the potential to make your travels easier, safer and more convenient.

If you have any additional recommendations, please share them in our Facebook group, Global Travel Tips.

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