Yoga in Auckland: The best studios to nurture mind, body & soul

The yoga scene in Auckland continues to grow as more people are incorporating the practice of yoga into their wellness routine. And with that growth comes the development of more yoga studios to accommodate students who want to deepen their practice.

In Auckland alone, there are already more than 100 yoga studios! So which one should you visit? 

Whether you live in Auckland, or you’re just visiting, you’ll find each of these studios has something unique to offer and a style of practice to appeal to everyone as well.

Whatever style you want to go for, remember that choosing the right location and yoga teacher can motivate you more to focus on and improve your practice. 

If you’re looking for the best yoga spots in Auckland, we’ve got you covered! The following are the best yoga studios in Auckland, along with some notable outdoor spots for your practice. 

But before going to the list of yoga studios in Auckland, let’s go over some tips on how to make the right choice of yoga studio. 

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

The Bhagavad Gita

How to Choose An Auckland Yoga Studio

1. Understand your Motivation and Goals

You may be doing yoga for weight loss or perhaps it’s what the doctor prescribed you to manage your stress. Maybe you’re healing from an injury and have realised that yoga will help with that. Or perhaps, you need to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Whatever the reason is, make sure you know your goals and motivation behind your practice.

By being clear about your goals, it’ll be a lot easier to narrow down your options.

Meanwhile, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, going to a beginner yoga class can help. This way you can observe the practice and hopefully get some of the answers you need from the teacher. Talking with a professional whilst you’re starting your yoga journey can be particularly useful.

Also, don’t forget that to achieve your goals, you’ll want to continue your practice outside of the studio too. With that in mind, you’ll want to prepare a space at home too.

2. Consider your Style

If you know your motivation, then you probably have an idea of the style of yoga you want to practice.

Some yoga studios focus on Hatha and meditation, while others specialize in Bikram yoga. There are a number of different distinct styles that you’re able to choose from.

Whatever style you want, make sure your new studio specialises in it or has teachers that are certified to teach the kind of yoga you’re looking for.

If in doubt, talk with them about the benefits of the style that they specialise in.

3. Drop by the Studio

There’s no better way to make sure that you have the right studio than to visit it and see for yourself!

Sometimes, all it takes is the feel of the place and vibe that you get from the teachers and the staff. 

And if you think you’ve found the one you’ll often have the chance to give them a go and double-check the fit.

Fortunately, most Auckland, studios offer affordable introductory packs, giving you unlimited sessions for a certain number of days.

4. Consider Size and Space

This may seem trivial but you might realise later on that size and space of the studio matters. This is especially true if you don’t feel comfortable moving around and accidentally touching or hitting somebody else (or perhaps being the one that gets hit.)

A good studio should be spacious enough to allow comfortable, unrestricted movements.

Some studios may be small, with a homey vibe, whilst still allowing you to move freely. They do this by limiting the number of participants per class.

5. Ask Around

One of the best ways to find the right studio for you is through word of mouth.

If you have local friends that have even practicing yoga for a while, definitely ask their honest opinion.

These days, it’s also easy to know more about a studio considering there are reviews posted on social media.

Besides asking for recommendations from friends, you can also talk to locals, or even go to yoga forums to find the reviews that will help you make an informed decision.

5 of the Best Yoga Studios in Auckland

Hot Yoga & Bikram

1. Breathe Hot Yoga

Need a satisfying workout while still feeling relaxed by your yoga practice?

Some people, especially first-timers, might find hot yoga studios a bit intimidating but it can be suited to everyone.

A yoga studio that guides you according to your skill level and makes you feel comfortable during each session is what you need – and that’s what Breathe Hot Yoga offer.

Some yogis have considered Breathe as one of the best studios for hot yoga in Auckland. By paying them a visit, you’ll be ridding your body of toxins as you sweat like crazy during practice.

For your hot yoga class, expect to do some breathing exercises and floor and standing techniques while focusing on stillness, alignment and breathwork.

Breathe is also known for its Pilates-based intense fitness class – this is suitable for anyone who considers weight loss as their fitness goal. Their hot pilates is taught by Inferno Hot Pilates-certified instructors.

Want to try out Breathe Hot Yoga? Check out their 10-day Introductory Pack, which includes 3 classes and mat hire for $30.

ANZ Centre 7 Mercari Way, Albany, Auckland

2. Hot Yoga Works

Fancy Bikram yoga in Auckland? Hot Yoga Works should be the place for you.

Located only two minutes away from Britomart Transport Centre, Hot Yoga Works offers traditional Bikram yoga – a system of 26 postures done in a hot room.

But what’s the difference between this and hot yoga?

Bikram yoga should be practiced in a room that’s set to 40°C (though sometimes it’s much hotter), while hot yoga’s temperature can vary (as long as it’s hot and it makes you sweat).

The more significant difference between the two are the poses though.

Hot yoga can have various poses but Bikram strictly follows 26 Hatha poses that don’t ever change.

And there’s also the fact that any teacher can teach hot yoga but only a Bikram-certified instructor can lead a Bikram class.

Want to try out Bikram at Hot Yoga Works? Go for their 30-day Introductory Pack for $49.

13 Commerce Street, Auckland CBD

Pregnancy Yoga in Auckland

3. Svastha Yoga

Who says pregnant women shouldn’t engage in physical activities like yoga?

Yoga is considered a safe and effective exercise for expecting women as it helps them prepare their minds and bodies for labour and birth.

And if you’re looking for the best studio for pregnancy yoga in Auckland, Svastha Yoga has got you covered.

Pregnancy classes usually involve gentle, slow movements that also focus on breathwork.

Svastha Yoga understands how mums-to-be feel – pretty much always exhausted! But that’s why exercise is important.

With mum and baby top of mind, Svastha Yoga teaches movements that are comfortable for both of them.

And to calm those nerves, especially for first-time moms who have never tried yoga before, Barbara will have a quick chat with mothers-to-be to get to know them (and answer any questions) before starting a session.

Prenatal yoga classes are offered as a 5-week program (1 class per week) for $125.

6 Prime Road, Grey Lynn

Yoga for Everyone

4. Flourish Yoga

Flourish Yoga is a beautiful, unique studio made of eco-friendly natural materials.

Emma, its founder, made it a point to build a studio with a minimal carbon footprint so they really are walking the talk when it comes to looking after mind, body and soul, alongside our precious environment.

When you step inside, you will immediately feel the relaxed vibe, which is important for yogis. It really is a fantastic studio!

Are you a fan of doing longer stretches? Do you want to take your practice at a slower space?

Flourish could be the right studio for you, as it specializes in both Hatha and meditation.

Flourish – with its Hatha speciality – also caters to young yogis (with a minimum of 12 years of age).

They are known for their inclusivity, offering lessons to anyone who wants to develop their practice and build foundations in classic yoga.

Pro tip: If you enjoy practising in a sustainable space, you’ll also want to research the purchase of a non-toxic yoga mat.

Interested in this studio? Join them for 8 days of unlimited yoga for only $25.

5 Huron Street, Takapuna

5. OM Yoga Studio

For some, interior design plays an important role in practice inspiration – being in a calm, comfortable enviornment allows yogis to get the best out of a session.

Fortunately, Om Yoga Studio, offer up a bright and fresh space that provides a sense of calmness during your practice. It’s a great option for your yoga practice in Auckland!

Om Yoga offers classes and workshops for various skill levels, creating a community where yoga is available to anyone.

Signing up with them also lets you enjoy online class streaming via Zoom whilst also accessing their online library. This gives members unlimited access to yoga classes – all in the comfort of their own home.

There are also various programs and events, such as the 40-day yoga challenge, pre-natal yoga, and a beginner’s course.

Want to try Om Yoga Studio? Try their Introductory offer of 7 days unlimited yoga for $35.

16/40 Stonefields Avenue, Stonefields

Other Notable Places In Auckland for Yoga

If being in a yoga studio is not your cup of tea and you would rather enjoy an outdoor setting, there are many awesome places in Auckland to do just that.

Here are some of our top recommendations:

  • Queen’s Wharf – This may not be an all-year opportunity but the Queen’s Wharf holds an annual yoga series from January to February. As long as you have your own yoga mat, you can join this free event – regardless of skill. Queen’s Wharf is the perfect spot for a sunrise yoga session.
  • Fancy beach yoga? Head to the various beaches in Auckland and do some meditation with nature sounds as your playlist. There are many specific yoga beach events, including those at Big Manly Beach and St. Heliers Beach.
  • Free park yoga – there’s no better place to do outdoor yoga than at a free park yoga event held every summer in various parks in Auckland. Free park yoga aims to make yoga accessible to anyone regardless of skill level. Check them out at some of the local parks, including Victoria Park and Olympic Park.

Now that you’re armed with the best yoga studios in Auckland, get ready to to unroll your mat and enjoy looking after your mind, body and spirit.

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