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Tauranga & Mount Maunganui

The Bay of Plenty is home to Tauranga and Mount Maunganui (affectionately known at ‘the Mt’). In this part of Aotearoa, you’ll also find Whakatane and Rotorua, along with countless smaller towns.


Tauranga is the largest city in the region and is conveniently close to a number of fantastic attractions.

The city itself is an incredibly popular place to live – offering a fantastic lifestyle to its inhabitants.

For these same reasons, it’s also a great place to visit!

Adults love Tauranga’s fantastic cafe, bar and restaurant scene, whilst kids enjoy the Hairy Mclary bronze sculptures and tidal stairs found downtown.

Mount Maunganui

Drive across a bridge on the harbour and you’ll find yourself at Mount Maunganui.  There, you would be forgiven for thinking you’d arrived on the Gold Coast of Australia!  This beachside town somehow manages to balance its laid back charm with the odd beachfront apartment building.

Whilst at the Mount, we’d suggest taking a soak in their hot saltwater pools and climbing the namesake volcanic peak – the views from which are just incredible.

Travel a little further offshore and you’ll find White Island.  This volcano (which just happens to be the most active in the country) can be viewed by helicopter, plane or boat.