12 of the Best Dog Parks in Auckland – pooch-approved!

Check out the best dog parks Auckland has, and show your pooch a good time!

There is no doubt that Auckland is a dog-friendly city, but how dog-friendly is it really?

Well, there are tonnes of dog parks in Auckland that provide owners with a chance to treat their best friends.

There are fenced-off areas for doggy playdates, free-roam areas where you can let your dog off the leash, and even obstacle courses for them to enjoy.

Whether you’re a local to Auckland, or someone travelling with your pup, these are the best dog parks to visit.

Our Favourite Dog Parks in Auckland

To help you and your dog have the greatest time together, we have come up with a list of the absolute best dog parks in the city.

Whether your dog needs an off-leash park to roam, or simply a large walk there are a wide variety of options available in the City of Sails.

Without further ado, here are the best dog parks in Auckland!

The Best Dog Parks in Central Auckland

1. Meola Reef Dog Park, Western Springs

The Meola Reef Dog Park is located near the city centre and is open all year round.

It’s one of the most popular spots in Auckland with dog walkers and (funnily enough) is located within the Meola Reef Reserve.

This dog park is a fenced area where dogs can be off the leash at all times and have the time of their lives. With large expansive grassy areas, plenty of shade and a beautiful view of the bay, it’s no reason this place is so popular.

When you leave the dog park, your dog must be kept on a leash at all times in the reserve. However, there are still plenty of trails for you two to walk together.

171 Meola Road, Western Springs, Auckland.

2. Orakei Basin Dog Park, Meadowbank

The Orakei Basin Dog Park is perfect for water-loving pooches. It’s a dog-friendly walking track that takes you around a tidal lagoon.

Although not exactly a ‘dog park’, dogs can be off the leash for the majority of the track – about 70%. That means they can also have a good swim in the basin if they fancy.

The off-leash areas of the track are signposted so it’s easy to know when your dog needs to go back on its lead.

The entire walk is about 4km and can take up to an hour to complete. That’s plenty of exercise for your dog, and you of course!

As this track is so popular, your dog will have plenty of playmates too.

1 Purewa Road, Meadowbank, Auckland.

3. Big King Reserve Dog Park, Mount Roskill

Big King (Te Tatua-a-Riukiuta) in Mount Roskill is an area of volcanic craters that serves as a great spot to take your dog.

It’s a large off-leash park that allows plenty of space for your best friend to run around freely.

However, the area isn’t fenced in so make sure you keep a close eye on your pooch.

There are two large flat areas within the park that are popular with dog owners. One is located at the base of the hill, whilst the other is a bit further along the walk.

If you’re looking to wear out your dog even more, there is a circular loop that runs around the hill, and you can even take them up to the top if you wish. They’ll be ready for a good sleep when you get home, for sure!

113A Duke Street, Mount Roskill, Auckland.

Did you know? There are poop bags and bins located at the start of this walk.

4. Waiataura Reserve Dog Park, Remuera

If you’re looking for a dog park in Auckland with plenty of options, then Waiataura Reserve is for you!

It offers some of the best walking tracks in the city and large open spaces for your dog to roam.

The main track takes you around the reserve in a loop and can take up to an hour to walk the whole thing.

However, if you’re not up for a long walk and just want your dog to let off some steam, there are plenty of other options there.

Large fields are located throughout the reserve which are perfect for a good game of fetch.

Or, if your dog is a water-lover, there is a doggie paddling pond here too.

98 Abbotts Way, Remuera, Auckland.

5. Owairaka Domain Dog Park, Mt Albert

The Owairaka Domain Dog Park (also known as the Mount Albert Park dog exercise area) is one of the most dog-friendly parks in Auckland.

There you’ll find a fenced area for dogs to roam freely, ensuring they are enclosed and safe.

If your dog is shy or prefers its own company, Owairaka is a great place to go as it’s quieter than many of the other dog parks in Auckland.

There is also a sports field here, and it’s important to note that your dog is not allowed on it.

They must also be on a leash if you’re walking anywhere near it.

27 Summit Drive, Mount Albert, Auckland.

6. Coyle Park, Point Chevalier

Coyle Park is one of the most beautiful areas to walk your dog in the city.

There you’ll find a circular trail around the park where you can walk, and plenty of space in the middle of the park to play fetch and your pooch have a run around.

If that isn’t enough, you can also take your dog down to Point Chevalier Beach so they can have a paddle in the water.

There are, however, seasonal rules and restrictions in place when it comes to dogs and Auckland’s beaches. Make sure you research them before letting your pup wander along the beach.

It’s also important to note that this area isn’t fenced so make sure you keep a close eye on your pooch as they explore.

528 Pt Chevalier Road, Point Chevalier, Auckland.

Did you know? There is also a playground at Coyle Park (which is great if you’ve got kids in tow). Dogs must be kept at least 10m away from it at all times.

Dog Parks in Eastern Auckland

7. Macleans Park, Eastern Beach

Macleans Park is one of the most popular dog parks in East Auckland.

At a massive 36 hectares, there is plenty of room for you both to explore and have a wander around.

There are plenty of dog-walking tracks throughout the park, so take your pick.

Macleans Park is also home to a watering hole, and there is a beach nearby if your pup fancies taking a dip.

If you’re looking to let your dog let off some steam, then Macleans Park is perfect.

Aside from the many tracks, a watering hole, and nearby beach, the park also has open fields which are perfect for playing fetch and meeting new friends.

67R The Esplanade, Eastern Beach, Auckland.

West Auckland Dog Parks

8. Craigavon Park, Blockhouse Bay

If you have an extra energetic dog, then Craigavon Park is a great choice when looking for a dog park in Auckland.

Dogs can be off their leash everywhere within the park, except for the children’s playground.

The trail within the park is only 1km long but offers plenty of shade, and there is a stream for your pooch to cool down.

What’s even more special about Craigavon, is that there is an agility area for your dog, with plenty of obstacles for them to enjoy.

It may be a lot more compact than other dog parks, but it offers something unique — a doggy fitness and agility area!

82-86 Kinross Street, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland.

9. Bomb Point Dog Park, Hobsonville

Although Bomb Point isn’t the largest dog park in Auckland, it has a lot to offer.

The off-leash area is relatively small but it’s fully enclosed so you don’t have to worry about your pup’s safety.

There are also park benches where you can relax and watch your dog make some new friends.

If your dog needs tiring out a bit more, there is a long coastal trail where you can walk your dog (on the leash).

This trail is 5km long which will give your pup plenty of exercise and the views are beautiful.

Boundary Road, Hobsonville, Auckland.

Awesome Dog Parks on the North Shore

10. Mānuka Reserve Dog Park (Bayview Dog Park), Bayview

The Mānuka Reserve Dog Park (also known as Bayview Dog Park) consists of bush walks and large open play areas.

The only area that’s off-limits to dogs is the children’s playground and the immediate vicinity around it.

Like Craigavon Park, Manuka Reserve also has an agility exercise area for your pooch.

This dog park has the best of all worlds with open areas for play, an agility area, and trails around the perimeter for walks.

Plus, poop bags and bins are also located at the entrance of the park.

215 Manuka Road, Bayview, Auckland.

South Auckland Dog Parks

11. Auckland Botanic Gardens, The Gardens

Now, this may seem like a strange one but the Botanic Gardens is home to one of the largest dog parks in Auckland.

You can take your dog for a wander through the whole gardens (providing they are on a leash), so it’s the perfect day out.

However, the Botanic Gardens also has a large off-leash area for your pooch.

It’s at the Northern end of the gardens and consists of large open fields and streams.

This dog park is a popular spot so there will always be plenty of pups for your dog to make friends with.

102 Hill Road, The Gardens, Auckland.

12. Te Tauranga Dog Park (Onehunga Bay Reserve), Onehunga

Te Tauranga Dog Park is perfect for water-loving pups.

There is a circular walkway around the lagoon which takes around 20 minutes to walk the whole way around. The walkway is an off-leash area too so your pooch can roam free.

However, be prepared for frequent stops as dogs can get right into the lagoon and head out for a swim.

The water is very calm too as the lagoon is separate from the sea, ensuring a safe paddle for your pup.

Te Tauranga also has lots of open space for games and plenty of shade to keep your dog cool.

71-91 Beachcroft Avenue, Onehunga, Auckland.

Auckland is one dog-friendly city, so it’s no surprise our best friends love it here so much!

Do you take your pooch to any of these parks?

If so, which one is your favourite?

We’d also love to hear about any other dog parks that you think should make it on to this list…

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