EcoZip Adventures Promo Code – Fly Through Auckland’s Skies!

Grab your 10% discount on ziplining at EcoZip Adventures on Waiheke Island.

Enjoy an adventure in a stunning natural setting – and best of all, you’ll be just a stone’s throw from Central Auckland!

Two tourists sliding through a zip line of EcoZip Adventures.

Book EcoZip Adventures and save 10% using the coupon code NZTT.

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EcoZip is the most incredible native forest adventure in the City of Sails – and it’s a heck of a lot of fun too!

Fly through and over ancient forest canopy and race above the Syrah vines that Waiheke Island is so famous for. With a number of lines (each of which are set up with side-by-side cables), the largest of which is 220m long, you’re able to reach speeds of over 50km/h – perfect for racing your buddy to the bottom.

Don’t go thinking that EcoZip Adventures are just about ziplining though – they offer so much more.

Not only will they pick you up from the ferry terminal (or a few popular spots around town), but they’ll throw in a fully commentated ‘Waiheke Highlights’ tour showcasing what the Lonely Planet named ‘the playground of the gods’.

You will also enjoy a guided nature walk through the beautiful forest they’re lucky to call home. There they have geckos, skinks, weta, eels and, at night time, even glow worms. Learn about local Māori mythology and understand what is being done to preserve and restore this incredible natural resource.

In supporting EcoZip Adventures, not only will you be guaranteed a fantastic time, but you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re helping to conserve the local environment.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

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Book EcoZip Adventures and save 10% using the coupon code NZTT.

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