Media Kit: NZTT (Facebook Group)

Designed to work alongside our website, the NZTT Facebook group is a supportive, welcoming space.

This is such a helpful and reliable group!

Giulie Vitale-Cumper, NZTT Member

I just wanted to say what a great find this group has been. I wasn’t really expecting much but – oh my – it’s been brilliant!

Shelley Jones

Our members, moderators and admin team share:

  • questions
  • photographs and videos
  • reviews
  • itineraries
  • discounts.

I’ve used this group to get ideas for all of our adventures over the last couple of years and I love the community feel of it. I love how members post photos and anecdotes of their adventures and how others engage with me when I do the same. I think I have the next 5 years of holidays planned – there’s so much inspiration in this group!

Chantel Keith, NZTT member

If you’re not already in our group, please join us!

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As of May 2024:

Group Membership: 105,000 members

As of 18 April 2023:

Group Statistics:

NZTT Facebook group statistics April 2023.

Everyone on this site has been so helpful and very detailed. It is so hard planning a trip trip to somewhere you have never been, and so far away. Having people help who live there or have already travelled there and experienced it is so helpful. I am beyond grateful for this site and all the help!

Sarah T. Nath – NZTT member

What an incredible community you have created. It’s noticeably different from other groups. I’m grateful.

Donna M. Denette, NZTT member

Public Facebook Page

As of 18 April 2023

Page Followers: 7,755

I love this group so much!

Jenny Kinch

I have to say, this is the nicest travel group I have ever experienced! Posts get approved in minutes and so many great and friendly answers within the next minutes! Thanks to everyone – we are counting down the days to be in your beautiful country and meet many of those friendly Kiwis.

Waltraud Gibbons

Kia Ora! Thank you to Sarah Chant and everyone from NZTT and this group. We are finishing up a very short but amazing trip and we wouldn’t have seen half of what we did without seeing posts and answers to questions. Customs was a breeze because of you, as well as the memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you!

Steph Argh

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