Save 50% on Your Dining Bills with First Table

Save 50% on your dining bill and receive a further 50% discount on your first booking fee.

Dining out right across the country has never been more affordable.

Grilled meat covered in vegetable toppings with sauce and salad beside it.

Join First Table & save 50% on your first booking fee using the promo code NZTT.

When you book through us, you’ll get a discount while supporting NZTT. This allows us to run our Facebook community and create helpful content at no cost to you. Thank you!

New Zealand is home to countless world-class restaurants, pubs and bars.

Though we’d all love to dine out frequently, doing so puts a strain on even the healthiest of bank balances.

What would you say if we told you that you could halve your food bill on the best restaurants around Aotearoa?

All it takes is a little forward planning which is 100% worthwhile to save 50% off your food bill!

How Does First Table Work?

The premise of First Table is simple. Book your table (for between 2 and 4 people), turn up for either their first or last seating and save 50% off your entire food bill.

Entrees, mains, desserts – the whole shebang!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner? You bet, they’re all covered!

All you need to do is book your table ahead of time (paying the $10 booking fee through the First Table website) and enjoy your allocated early-bird or late-dining spot. Then get ready to save 50% on your food bill.

It really is that easy to save big on your next dining bill!

Fried meat with salads wrapped on white special bun.

These discounts are for NZTT readers and members. Users are required to be in our free Facebook group, a NZTT newsletter subscriber or the holder of a free membership card. By booking through NZTT, you will enjoy a discount while supporting us – thank you!

Join First Table & save 50% on your first booking fee using the promo code NZTT.

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