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Kia ora Sarah! 

Can I just tell you how over the moon happy I am that I found your Facebook group!!!!

I have already used your discount code for Te Pā Tū and I’m loving the podcast recommendations to get me ready for my trip (so that I’m not completely ignorant about NZ culture and history 😊)

Really appreciate you! I’ll refer back to this email as I round out my plans. I’ve learned so much from you and your team already. 

Megan S., in response to our newsletter

I have been planning my own trip with help from folks on the forum and from a facebook group that also has an extensive website, New Zealand Travel Tips. If you are not on Facebook, its worth getting on it just to follow this group, its that good! The developer of this group is Sarah Chant, and you can book time with her through the Facebook group or I imagine the website. There are links to many discounts through this website, as well.

Jules M, feedback shared on the Rick Steve’s forum