How to change information on your NZeTA – Fixing mistakes and updating details

Many people travelling to New Zealand require an NZeTA – a New Zealand electronic Travel Authority.

This electronic document allows people to visit without needing a traditional visa. It’s cheaper than a visa, requires significantly less paperwork and is much faster and more convenient to apply for.

As with all documentation, it’s important that you get the details right, but we all make mistakes sometimes.

What should you do if you’ve made a small error in your NZeTA?

Likewise, personal details occasionally change – how can you amend these?

We’re here to help!

DISCLAIMER: This entry information is provided in an informal way, designed to help you understand the process of travelling to Aotearoa.

In New Zealand, official immigration advice must be provided by a licensed immigration adviser, unless the person/company is exempt.

We suggest you get an overview here and then confirm details with an official source.

How to request a small change to your NZeTA

Small changes can be made to your NZeTA using an online form.

Accepted changes include:

  • the correction of small errors, like the spelling of your name or an incomplete/mistyped passport number
  • updates to your email address
  • updates your passport details, for example, entering a new passport number.

If you plan to change your passport details or need to correct a small error using this form, you must have at least 10 days before your date of arrival in New Zealand.

Pro tip: Completing the change request form with at least 10 days’ notice is the preferable way to update your document. It is free and will ensure you have the correct information before arriving at the airport.

Emails can be changed at any stage.

An example of the NZeTA form on the NZ immigration website.
Part of the change request form you’re able to complete online.

If you need to make a significant change to your NZeTA, you will need to submit (and pay for) a new travel authority.

Pro tip: A number of unofficial websites direct you to book through them. Though these NZeTAs are legitimate, they charge significant fees to apply on your behalf. There is really no benefit in using them as NZeTAs are so easy to apply for. Learn more about applying for your NZ electronic Travel Authority.

What if I don’t have 10 days before I’m due to arrive in New Zealand?

If you don’t have 10 days spare, you have two choices:

  • Apply for a new NZeTA (as they are generally issued within 72 hours – often almost instantly).
  • Leave your NZeTA as it is and have the check-in staff assist you.

Apply for a new NZeTA

If you don’t have 10 days to spare and you’d like to leave on your trip knowing that your NZeTA is perfect, you may like to apply for a new one.

You will need to pay the fee again and will need to wait for the new travel authority to be processed.

If choosing this option, we recommend applying for your new NZeTA as soon as possible. However, even with very little notice, you should be able to get your new documentation.

You can check to see if your new NZeTA has been approved online. When you see it has been, relax and enjoy preparing for your visit to Aotearoa!

[I noticed there was an issue with my NZeTA] at the check in desk at Heathrow Airport in the UK – I reapplied and repaid whilst at the check in desk. it was sorted within 15 minutes.

Chris Riley, NZTT member
United States passport cover with passport stamps.
People travelling from the United States of America will geny erallneed an NZeTA.

Have the check-in staff request an amendment to your original NZeTA at the airport

If you require a small change to be made to your NZeTA, it is also possible to have the check-in staff help you.

If you plan to enlist their help, we recommend arriving at the airport well before check-in closes.

If you’re travelling at a busy time, or you’ll struggle to get to the airport early, we recommend applying for a new eTA to be safe. Though check-in staff are able to assist, they will need to have the time to do so – and you’ll be leaving a new application to the very last minute if they can’t.

Though this isn’t our preferred method to fix an incorrect NZeTA, it is a legitimate way to have a change made before your flight.

my Visa showed an additional letter which I didn‘t put. [The check-in agent] called immigration. It took about 20 minutes but they sorted it.

Tom Eichler, NZTT member

I talked to NZ immigration and was told for this sort of minor Change (swapping a letter out) the airline should be able to help at check in – they said I have a legal right to request they contact immigration and that they have a back line. They said New Zealand air is great and will help.

Valerie Nelson, NZTT member

An NZeTA is an essential digital document for many travellers to New Zealand.

We appreciate that making an error on your application will be stressful, but try not to worry – you have options to get you to New Zealand without delay.

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