The best jet boating in Queenstown [with discounts!]

Find the best jet boating in Queenstown, designed to suit your individual needs. With six different amazing options, we’ll help you choose the one that ticks your boxes.

There’s no denying that Queenstown is home to a tonne of adventure activities, ranging from bungy jumping to skydiving [use the promo code NZTT to save]!

However, there are a surprising number of less ‘extreme’ things to do in the adventure capital too. One of which is jet boating.

Jet boats were invented right here in Aotearoa so there really is no better place to jump on one! These boats are propelled across just centimetres of water, by sucking water in and ejecting it at great speed at the back of the craft.

If that sounds exciting, it’s because it is!

Reaching speeds of up to 95 kph and enjoying epic scenery along the way, these boats are one of the very best ways to see the area’s natural beauty.

Jet boating in Queenstown is an absolute must, and luckily there are plenty of great options!

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The Best Jet Boating Experiences in Queenstown

To help you make a decision that’s right for you, we’re going to dive into all six of the different jet boating experiences in Queenstown.

Each one has something unique to offer, making hard to decide which one to choose unless you’ve got all the information. That’s where we come in!

Though we suggest you read this article in full, if you’re short on time and just need to make a decision, we recommend the following options.

Most exciting rideShotover Jet
Most affordable rideRealNZ Jet
Longest rideDart River Adventures
Most scenic journeySkippers Canyon Jet

Each of the six Queenstown jet boats have points to celebrate though, so we suggest you read over the following information in order to make the best choice for your whānau.

In no particular order, these are the different jet boat options available in and near Queenstown.

A Quick Comparison of the Different Jet Boat Rides in Queenstown

JetRide durationBook with a Discount
Shotover Jet25 minsCheck pricing and availability
Kjet60 minsPromo code NZTT
RealNZ Jet25 minsCheck pricing and availability
RealNZ Jet60 minsCheck pricing and availability
Skippers Canyon30 minsPromo code NZTT10
Dart River Adventures120 minsCheck pricing and availability
Goldfields Jet40 minsClosed at time of writing

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A Detailed Comparison of the Queenstown Jet Boats

1. The Shotover Jet

Location: Shotover Jet Beach, 3 Arthurs Point Road, Arthurs Point, Queenstown
Ride duration: 25 minutes
Book: The Shotover Jet.

The Shotover Jet is one of New Zealand’s most iconic experiences. For many (us included), it is an activity not to be missed whilst in Queenstown! It is one of the most popular jet boat operators in town for a reason.

It’s got exclusive access to operate within the towering canyons of Shotover River. Naturally, this means plenty of tight spots and close calls with the surrounding cliff edges, but that’s what makes this experience so exciting!

They also have incredibly well-trained skippers who are at the top of their game.

The Shotover Jet is easily accessible too. You can make the short drive to Arthurs Point yourself or take the free shuttle from Queenstown.

Why we Love Shotover Jet

Speeding over waters as shallow as 10cm and with plenty of 360° spins along the way, Shotover Jet isn’t for the faint-hearted.

However, it’s a perfect choice if you’re an adrenaline junkie who’s looking to get your blood pumping!

With a fast and thrilling ride, epic scenery, and plenty of close calls, you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime if you choose Shotover Jet.

The views are also spectacular which sets it apart from other tour operators in the area.

Looking over the passengers of a speedboat from behind.

2. KJet

Location: Main Town Pier, Marine Parade, Queenstown
Ride duration: 60 minutes
Book: KJet. Save using the promo code NZTT.

If you’re keen to jet boat without having to leave Queenstown’s town centre then make sure you check out KJet.

Boasting the title of the ‘world’s first commercial jet boating company’, they’ve got years of experience on the water.

If you choose this tour operator, you’ll head out on a 45km journey full of 360° spins and exhilarating speeds of up to 95kph. Flying over Lake Wakatipu, Kawarau River, and Shotover River, you’ll also get breathtaking views along the way.

KJet runs plenty of tours throughout the day too, so you won’t be limited to specific times when you book. Usually, the tours run every hour on the hour!

A yellow speed boat cruising a river.
Why we Love KJet

If you’re looking for more bang for your buck, then KJet may be the best option for you.

Offering double the duration of the Shotover Jet at a lower rate, this jet boat ride offers fantastic value for money.

It’s also in a great location as you’ll be departing from the Main Town Pier which is located in the centre of Queenstown! This is perfect if you’ve got limited time in the area, as you won’t have to worry about catching a shuttle out of town.

A yellow speed boat at the foot of a snow-capped mountain ranges.

3. RealNZ Jet (Formally GoOrange)

Location: Queenstown Jet Kiosk, Steamer Wharf, Queenstown.
Ride duration: 25 minutes or 60 minutes
Book: RealNZ Jet.

RealNZ are another fantastic option if you’re looking to go jet boating in Queenstown.

They also operate from the main pier so are in a convenient location, especially if you’re staying nearby.

They focus on experiences for budget travellers (and offer the lowest pricing in town), so you won’t have to worry about splashing the cash either.

Their jet tours will take you racing down the Kawaru River where you’ll experience speeds of up to 95kph. With twin V8 engines and plenty of 360° spins, you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic ride.

Just keep in mind that the tour timings will differ depending on which duration you choose. The 25-minute jet boat rides are much more frequent, operating every 30 minutes or so.

Tourists rasing fists while riding a speed boat.
Why we Love RealNZ

We love that RealNZ offer a variety of jet boating experiences. You can opt for either a 25-minute or 60-minute jet boat ride, depending on your timeframe and budget. You’ll notice though, that there isn’t much of a price difference – still, it’s nice to have the choice.

Not only that, but RealNZ offer another unique experience that combines a jet boat experience with white water rafting. This gives you the best of both worlds and costs $199 for anyone over the age of 13.

An orange speedboat cruising near a rocky bank.

4. Skippers Canyon Jet

Location: Skippers Road, Queenstown
Ride duration: 30 minutes (although you’ll need to allow around three hours for the full experience)
Book: Skippers Canyon Jet [discounted].

Skippers Canyon Jet is located a 50-minute drive from the centre of Queenstown so is quite a way out. However, your jet boat package includes return transport along the incredible Skippers Canyon Road which is an adventure in itself.

Like Shotover Jet, this company operates its jet boating tour inside a breathtaking canyon so you’re in for an exhilarating experience. They race up and down the Shotover River too, enjoying a number of close-calls, twists and turns.

Why we Love Skippers Canyon Jet

If you’re looking for an authentic and unique jet boating experience in Queenstown then Skipper Canyon Jet is the perfect option.

It’s the only jet boat ride where you’ll get to witness historic gold mining relics, as they’re still found in Shotover River. Not only that, but you’ll get to see some of the iconic Lord of the Rings filming locations.

However, you’ll need to allow around three hours for return transport and the experience as it’s located further out of town. This means it won’t be suitable for people with limited time in Queenstown.

Jet boating beside rocky banks on Skipper's Jet.

5. Dart River Adventures: Wilderness Jet

Location: 45 Mull Street, Glenorchy
Ride duration: 2 hours
Book: The Wilderness Jet by Dart RiverAdventures.

Although not as thrilling as Shotover Jet, Dart River Adventures has so much to offer.

Located a 45-minute drive outside of Queenstown in Glenorchy, this jet boat tour takes place in the beautiful Mount Aspiring National Park.

If it’s pure jet boating you’re after, the Wilderness Jet Experience is a 2-hour trip that covers over 90km of water. This makes it one of New Zealand’s longest river jet boat adventures.

Or, ride the jetboat upriver and enjoy a funyaking trip back down. The choice is yours!

Passengers having fun while riding a speedboat.
Why we Love the Wilderness Jet

One of the best reasons to choose Dart River Adventures is simply the breathtaking scenery!

You won’t find many locations as beautiful as this in New Zealand, which makes it a fantastic choice for jet boating in Queenstown.

The fact that they’ve got multiple tour options is always a bonus too, as it allows you to customise your tour based on your personal preferences.

However, like Skippers Canyon Jet this tour operator is located out of Queenstown so it’s not a great option for those limited on time.

Speed boat cruising a shallow and narrow river.

6. Goldfields Jet

Location: Goldfields Mining Centre, Kawarau Gorge, State Highway 6, Cromwell
Ride duration: 40 minutes

Goldfields Jet isn’t situated in the town centre but it’s just a 45-minute drive away in Kawarau Gorge. You can either drive there yourself or you can pay for a shuttle from Queenstown – just be aware that you’ll just need to book it in advance.

With exhilarating speeds, narrow canyons, picturesque scenery, and huge spins, it’s definitely an experience for the adventure seekers out there.

The tour takes place on the Kawarau River and is open 364 days a year, allowing you to visit at practically any time.

Not only will you get the experience of a lifetime, but you’ll get to learn about the area’s gold mining history too.

Goldfield Jets at full speed.
Why we Love Goldfields Jet

Although Goldfields Jet is situated outside of Queenstown, it’s a fantastic option.

Not only will you get an exhilarating jet boat experience, but you can combine this with some of the other activities they offer. This includes go-karting, a Goldfields mining tour, a trip to Carrick Winery, and a jet cruise!

These combo deals offer you great discounts. This is especially the case when you can get a combination ticket for all four experiences for just $229.

Tourists riding a speedboat of Goldfields Jet.

Did you know? Queenstown is not the only place locally where you can ride a jetboat – you’ll also find Fiordland Jet in Te Anau, in Wānaka (Wānaka River Journeys) on the West Coast (Haast River Safari and Waiatoto River Safari).

As you can see there are plenty of jet boating experiences in Queenstown to choose from!

Whether you’re looking to splash the cash or you’d prefer something a bit more budget-friendly – there’s an option for everyone.

If you’ve got some extra time in this beautiful town, we honestly recommend giving this activity a go!

Have you ever been jet boating in Queenstown? If you have, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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