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Take to the air and see Mount Cook National Park as it was meant to be seen!

A tourist plane lands on the snow-covered ground during a beautiful sunny day.

Book a flight with Mt Cook Ski Planes & Helicopters or a heli hike and save 10% using the promo code NZTT10.

Enjoy the expansive ice lands and breath taking clean glaciers from the comfort of your luxurious helicopter or ski plane. These scenic tours sweep you over the best alpine views New Zealand has to offer.

I’ve done a few helicopter flights over the years and this was very special.

Colleen Calder, NZTT member

Treat yourself and a special someone to a scenic flight up the stunning Tasman Valley – fly in and hike or climb on a glacier in New Zealand’s big mountain country, or experience the ultimate in alpine adventures with their world-exclusive picnic-on-the-ice tour.

Choose from flying in a 6-seater helicopter or an 8-seater fixed-wing ski plane. Or better still, experience flying on both with the combo pass.

Whatever you choose, be sure to take your camera along for the ride!

We did the Tasman glacier heli hike from Mt Cook Airport in September and it was awesome. Definitely worth getting up to the Mt Cook area if you can as there are some awesome walks as well.

Rebecca Lubansky, NZTT member
A helicopter landing on the snow plains of Mt. Cook with huge mountains behind it.

FAQ to Help You Make the Most of Your Mt Cook Ski Planes & Helicopters Promo Code

Do ALL flights land on the Tasman Glacier?

Though Mt Cook Ski Planes & Helicopters will try to land you on the Tasman Glacier, it is not guaranteed. Weather conditions ultimately decide which glacier you will land on.

How long do I get on the snow?

You’ll go 10-15 minutes on the snow. This gives you lots of time to snap photos, enjoy your surroundings and throw a snowball or two.

Do I need to confirm my flight?

Confirmation is not required but it is advised. We recommend phoning the day prior to your booking to confirm your flight, that minimum numbers have been met and the weather.

Is there a minimum number of passengers required?

At least four people are required for a normal flight, and 10 are required for the ultimate alpine combo. The team there do a great job of joining groups together though so you’d be very unlucky not to meet minimum numbers, even if you’re travelling with a small group or solo.

Is there a weight restriction for flights?

If you are over 116kg, your flight will be dependent on the weight of other passengers on the day. You’ve still got a good chance of taking to the air so try not to worry.

How many seats are available onboard?

The ski planes have room for 8 and the helicopters seat 6.

What happens if we can’t fly due to bad weather?

Unfortunately, the weather can be changeable in Mount Cook, so flights sometimes don’t get off the ground. When this happens, you will be issued a full refund or offered a seat on another flight (subject to availability).

How does the helicopter and ski plane differ?

Regardless of which you choose, you’ll follow the same flight path and use the same landing sites.

The ski plane’s engines will by shut down when you land though, allowing you to really enjoy the scenery without interruption.

There are only a few places in the world where you can fly a commercial ski plane into the mountains so we highly suggest you make the most of it and include a flight in your booking.

The sensation of flying in a fixed-wing plane is quite different to a helicopter too, so why not book the combo and get the best of both worlds?

What do I need to wear for my flight?

In the summertime, we recommend a light jacket, jumper or hoodie, along with closed-toe shoes. Sunglasses and your camera are also a good idea.

For winter flights, a warmer jacket or coat and closed-toe shoes are recommended.

Is photography allowed?

You’re welcome to take your camera and to use the camera on your cellphone. Drones and self-sticks are not allowed as they are both safety hazards.

the glacier heli hike is so so worth it. Was the best thing we did our whole trip!

Ashleigh Parsonage, NZTT member

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Book a flight with Mt Cook Ski Planes & Helicopters or a heli hike and save 10% using the promo code NZTT10.

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