New Zealand airports – Plan your flights around Aotearoa

As a landlocked country, there are only a few ways to arrive into New Zealand. Flights are by far the most likely means of entry, with most planes landing in Auckland.

Domestically, air travel is also a popular way to get around.

New Zealand airports are generally well-appointed and located close to our major centres. They service a number of different airlines and include plenty of airport parking.

The following list will introduce you to both our major airports and the smaller regional ones, whilst also providing you with the code for each airport.

Pro Tip: Before planning your flights, ensure you have checked your visa requirements for New Zealand.

Check in hall of Air New Zealand at Auckland Airport.

New Zealand Airports

North Island Airports

The majority of visitors to New Zealand will fly into the North Island. Indeed, Auckland International Airport is by far the busiest airport in the country.

Major North Island Airports

Regional North Island Airports

AirNZ flying above the clouds.

South Island Airports

The South Island largely services domestic flights, though some international arrivals and departures come through the major South Island airports.

Major South Island Airports

Regional South Island Airports

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