Book a New Zealand Travel Consultation

Are you feeling overwhelmed planning your New Zealand itinerary?

Have you pencilled in a rough route that you’d like some feedback on?

Want to bounce ideas and talk to a kiwi?

Keen to make the most of your time in Aotearoa?

Let us help!

In addition to our the information on this site and in our Facebook community, we are also available for private travel consultations.

These meetings are the perfect opportunity for you to receive 1-on-1, tailored advice about your upcoming adventure in Aotearoa — especially if it’s your first time visiting New Zealand.

I’ll vouch for the 1:1 consultation! We did one last week to finalize our itinerary. Sarah gave some us great suggestions, and now when we land in NZ next month, we’re confident in our plan. It was money well spent!

Melanie Johnson

Big recommendation: Book a consultation with Sarah Chant!

If some of you feel overwhelmed by the endless possibilities, excursions and attractions, struggle to put everything in a proper timeframe or just have no time for planning, book a private consultation with Sarah! She put not only everything in order, structured it in a very useful excel sheet, but she also listened to our interests and adjusted the whole itinerary to our wishes.

Besides that, it was so very nice chatting with Sarah, asking questions and having a good time!

Considering all the costs that are involved with such a New Zealand trip, we feel Sarah’s reasonable compensation is the best investment we could do!

We are really looking forward to our trip and believe just due to the consultation sessions we’ll get the most out of it!

Thank you so much, Sarah!! 💛

Monika Marschuetz

Book a Private Travel Consultation with a New Zealand Expert

This could be you in Aotearoa New Zealand!

What is Included in My Consultation?

Your consultation will include:

  • 60 minutes of uninterrupted time with Sarah, the founder of NZTT – an experienced tour guide and travel writer. This session will be totally private for you/your travel group. You’ll be provided with a link that will allow others to join, so you’re welcome to invite friends and family — even if they’re based in a different location.
  • A recording of our consultation — perfect if you’d like to rewatch it in the future.
  • A follow-up email with relevant links and notes, as discussed in our call.
  • [Optional] A map of the locations we discussed or a Google Sheet with your itinerary outline.

We are from the United States and we recently used the travel services of Sarah Chant from New Zealand Travel Tips NZTT for a private one hour consultation to help us with our 4 month stay we are planning in 2023. Sarah was cheerful, thoroughly organized, a good listener, full of valuable information from lodging, unique experiences and just daily living tips. She compiled maps, resources, an itinerary, a copy of our video travel chat and sent all this to us promptly the next day so we have a permanent record. We certainly endorse her and give her 5 stars. You will not be dissapointed!

James and Peggy Lingwall

We dumped our agent and had two sessions with Sarah!! So worth it. Sarah is my hero!! Can’t wait for our trip!!

Catherine Bush

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare?

To make the most of your consultation, we suggest you come prepared with a few questions… chances are you’ll have no shortage of those.

If you have a rough itinerary, you’re welcome to email it through so we can familiarise ourselves with it.

Though we don’t expect you to come prepared, the more organised you are, the more you’re likely to get out of our session.

What activities will you want to do in New Zealand? Where should you book them and how far in advance?

What Can I Ask?

Nothing is off limits — we’re here to help!

You might want to know about:

Though we can’t guarantee we’ll know all of the answers, we are experts in New Zealand travel and have broad general knowledge.

If there’s anything we’re unsure of, we’ll be honest and will do our best to help point you in the right direction.

Sarah went over and beyond in her service! She is knowledgeable, positive, and a good listener. We had our itinerary pretty much laid out and we went through it day by day. Sarah offered suggestions on lesser-known places to stop at, as well as places to eat along the way. Afterwards, we received an adjusted itinerary with links to assist us in finalizing our details. Loved that our consultation conversation was recorded and sent to us so we could re listen to it! We would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Phil and Susan Hathaway
Perhaps you’d like to relax here? We can help you plan an incredible itinerary!


60-minute private consultations are charged at a rate of NZD 150 / AUD 145 / CAD 135 / SGD 130 / USD 100 / EUR 90 / GBP 80 per hour. You will be charged in your home currency where possible.

We like to use Wise as it offers reliable international transfers with minimal fees. If you have not used them before, you can sign up here to get fee-free transfers.

If you require another currency, please let us know.

Payment is required in advance of your booking.

Pro Tip: If you’re transferring in USD, please use an ACH transfer on Wise. There is an extra cost of USD4.14 for wire transfers.

Having a consultation with Sarah was the best decision! We are planning a once in a life time trip to New Zealand over Christmas this year and have never done a trip like this before! Sarah was so so helpful and informative. Sarah gave us great ideas and realistic expectations of what we could achieve in our time frame. It has been so invaluable!

Jen K

We are frequently told that our advice saves people significant money.

Our local knowledge ensures that your itinerary is created in the most logical way, avoiding any doubling back. We’re also able to suggest amazing free sightseeing and can direct you to paid activities that offer the best value for money (often with discounts).

We practically guarantee that we’ll save you money by talking to us!

How Long Should I Book For?

Your booking length will depend on a number of factors including:

  • How long you plan to be in New Zealand
  • How prepared your itinerary already is
  • The level of detail you’d like to discuss
  • The number of general questions you have.

You’re welcome to book a session that’s longer than an hour (1.5 hours is often ideal). Alternatively, you might choose to book one appointment initially before going away to do some more research and reflection and then booking a follow-up call.

The choice is yours; we just like to be upfront about what can be achieved in an hour.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their recommendation to schedule time with Sarah Chant. She has been incredible. We have met with her twice and now feel like we have a doable and exciting tour planned. She has been a blessing to work with. If anyone is planning a trip and has any questions, I highly recommend scheduling some time with Sarah. It is so worth the money. In my humble opinion she needs to charge more!!

Catherine Bush

Choose a Time

Please request your preferred time below.

We will reach out to you via email to confirm your appointment ASAP.

Once we’ve confirmed that time is suitable, we will send you a link to make payment, along with a Zoom link ready to use during your call.

Please note, this calendar shows my general availability but it does differ a little from week to week. All times will be confirmed before booking.

If these times do not suit you, please email us requesting an alternative time.

We look forward to discussing your New Zealand travel plans shortly!