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This group has been absolutely invaluable to me as I planned our month-long trip to NZ. it has been a dream trip so far thanks to you and this wonderful group!

Serena Davies, NZTT member

This is by far one of the best groups that I am part of! Well done 👏👏

Alan Wright, NZTT member

I’m constantly learning about new places and experiences in NZ. it’s also so rewarding seeing people post about their amazing holidays.

Sanae Herd, NZTT member

This is an excellent group!

Ingela Qvirist, NZTT member

I just recommended this group to my traveling group at my airline. Don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to watch postings and the information And care that yawl give is TOP TIER! ❤️

Aja Johnson, NZTT member

Honestly this is a wonderful group and I so appreciate the advice.

Erin van der Puil, NZTT member

Our trip is nearing its end but I need to say: wow, what a great group! So many tips, discounts, ideas… and the admins are fabulous! Thanks a lot!

Eleonore Meirer, NZTT member

Kia Ora! My husband laughs every time I start a sentence with, “The NZTT Facebook [group] says….” 😂 but tonight he said to me, “You need to post this on your Facebook page!” lol, he’s learning.

Cheri Sutton