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Outdoor Kid Guidebooks Discount Code

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Plan an incredible family-friendly adventure with the help of these gorgeous books.

Outdoor Kid Guidebooks for Hamilton and Waikato, and Auckland.

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A Guidebook with maps, images, and adventure to-do lists for tourists.

Discover hundreds of walks and bike rides in Auckland, Hamilton, the Waikato and the central North Island– from bush-clad waterfalls to inner-city parks, playgrounds and MTB parks.

These guidebooks have outings for all ages and abilities, and all include clear descriptions and accessibility icons for little legs, bikes, wheelchairs and buggies – they’ll even let you know if the family pooch can join the adventure! Kids will love ticking off their adventures on the checklist. 

Written by former journalist Ceana Priest, the adventures have been explored with her young son Finn. They have all received the seal of approval for fun times! 

Clamber up ancient volcanoes, squelch through tidal mudflats or walk through spooky mining tunnels carved into gorges – adventures for everyone in the family.

Grab a copy of these guidebooks and slip the books into backpacks, or leave them in the car so you can quickly answer any “what should we do today?” questions! 

Turning the pages of the adventure guidebook and seeing the beautiful attractions, tips, and wildlife.

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Save 10% on all Outdoor Kid guidebooks using the Discount code NZTT.

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