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PurePods Promo Code – Bucket List Accommodation in NZ

NZTT members enjoy a 10% discount on PurePods right around New Zealand.

With incredible glass eco-cabins dotted around the country, an overnight stay in a PurePod is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll want to have time and time again!

Morning sun shines on a glass cabin of Manakau Purepod in the middle of nowhere.

Book through PurePods and save 10% using the promo code NZTT10.

These discounts are for NZTT readers and members. Please ensure you are in our free Facebook group, or if you’re not on Facebook, explain that you read NZTT online (if asked by an operator). By booking through us, you will enjoy a discount while supporting us – thank you!

If there’s one must-stay accommodation in Aotearoa, PurePods are surely it.

Immerse yourself in nature whilst staying in an incredible glass eco-cabin. With glass walls, ceilings and floors, you’ll be able to soak up every inch of your surroundings.

Each pod is equipped with solar power, a self-contained kitchen, BBQ, bathroom (complete with a hot shower and flushing toilet), games and acres of pure privacy. Though there isn’t WiFi or TV in your cabin, you’ll be treated to a stay unlike any other – trust us, technology will be the last thing on your mind.

Perfect break from the real world. We felt like we were in our own personal paradise!

With breathtaking views, a comfortable bed and boardgames to keep you entertained (not to mention all of that delicious food), a PurePod stay is the perfect bucket list stay. It’s sure to recharge your batteries and leave you feeling inspired.

Perfect for anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, or ‘just because’, we suggest booking a night or two of ‘me time’ when you’re next out exploring Aotearoa.

Completely magical!! Words can’t explain what an incredible experience it is… pure bliss!

Check the locations of all PurePods and book an incredible getaway.

Sweeping sea views as seen from transparent glass walls, floors, ceilings, and furnitures of Atatū PurePod.

FAQ About PurePods

How private are the pods?

As all of the PurePods are tucked away on remote, private land, 100% privacy is assured. There are blinds on all windows and on the ceiling too, so you can block out the outside would if you want to too.

Are the pods comfortable year around?

PurePods are great all year! The glass in the PurePods is double and triple-glazed to provide protection from the elements. Hidden radiators provide comfort in the wintertime and good airflow keeps them fresh in the summer… plus you’ll have outdoor furniture and plenty of trees for shade if you want to cool down further in the warmer months.

Can food be supplied to my pod?

Absolutely! You’re able to add food/drink packages to your booking (dinner and breakfast) – in fact, for many this is a real highlight of the stay. If ordered, your food package will be delivered to your pod ready for the start of your stay. Alternatively, you’re welcome to bring your own food and drink.

What cooking facilities are in a PurePod?

Each PurePod comes with a gas cooktop in the kitchen and a barbeque out on the deck. Plus you’ll have access to plenty of clean water, coffee, tea, milk, sugar, olive oil, salt, pepper and all the utensils you need to cook for two.

How many people does each PurePod sleep?

PurePods sleep one or two adults. Each pod comes with a queen bed. If you are travelling with more than two people, we recommend booking two nearby PurePods… the Kahutara and Manakau pods in Kaikoura are within a 10-minute walk of each other (but well out of sight of each other) Alternatively, Korimako and Atatū are just 5 minute’s drive of each other.

Do the pods have a proper toilet & shower?

Each pod has its own full ensuite bathroom. Enjoy a hot shower as you look out on the stunning landscape and make use of the flushing toilet. Like the rest of the cabin, the bathroom is totally secluded, but you’re welcome to pull the blinds should you wish.

How do I get to my pod?

You’re able to drive most of the way to your chosen PurePod, but for a real sense of privacy, you’ll complete your journey on foot. Walks range between 5 and 25-minutes in duration.

Can I bring my child?

Sorry, children are not allowed in the PurePods. They have not been kiddy-proofed and have some potential hazards. Plus there isn’t enough space for an additional bed.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, dogs are not allowed at PurePods properties. You’ll need to make alternative arrangements for your pooch.

A lighted accommodation of Kokomea Purepod under a starry night sky.

Book through PurePods and save 10% using the promo code NZTT10.

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