Queenstown wineries: 8 vineyards you need to visit

Are you on the hunt for the best Queenstown wineries to visit this year? Read ahead to learn about our favourite Queenstown vineyards. We’ll have you sipping delicious pours in no time.

Queenstown is New Zealand’s adventure capital; it offers bungy jumping and ziplining – and everything in between.

But when you’re not getting your adrenaline pumping on the area’s trails, rapids or activities, you might be looking for somewhere to catch a breather.

Luckily, Central Otago also happens to be one of the best places to enjoy beautiful wine and delicious cheese platters!

Wineries in Queenstown are known for their impressive views and comprehensive wine tours, and of course, for their world-class wines.

While the climate is kindest to Pinot Noirs, you’ll also find decent white wines appearing at most of the boutique vineyards in the area.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our list of amazing Queenstown wineries that will have you feeling super sophisticated.

The huge vineyard of Gibbston Valley Winery under a majestic cloud.
There are a number of amazing wineries in the area, including Gibbston Valley Winery. Photo credit: Gibbston Valley.

Our Favorite Queenstown Wineries

In no particular order, these are our top picks for must-visit wineries in and around Queenstown.

Mora Wines & Artisan Kitchen

Mora Wines & Artisan Kitchen (which used to be known as Akarua Wines) has been around since 1996, and it’s one of the most beautiful Queenstown wineries in the area.

You’ll find it tucked away in the Central Otago region, boasting incredible mountain and lakeside views.

If you visit during New Zealand’s autumn months, you’ll be treated to colour-changing trees and crunchy leaves beneath your feet. Summer and spring are also hard to miss, thanks to the stunning fresh blooms in the Mora Wines garden.

This is the closest winery to Queenstown as it’s just 15 minutes from the edge of town. So, if you’re planning to tack on a vineyard visit to your existing Queenstown itinerary, this place has got you covered.

You can easily spend an entire afternoon here, enjoying fabulous wine and food!

Wines to Try

  • Mora Kolo Pinot Noir 2017
  • Mora Vale Pinot Noir 2019

265 Arrowtown-Lake Hayes Road, Lake Hayes Estate, Queenstown 9371

Amisfield Bistro and Cellar Door

Amisfield Restaurant and Cellar Door is another incredible Queenstown winery.

It is vibrant and offers truly incredible views over the vineyards and surrounding mountains. Plus it is all about embracing organic production methods which we just love.

Although you may not think that organic wines taste different from the regular stuff, you’d be so wrong.

Each pour from Amisfield has a distinctive taste that incorporates the best of the area’s minerals. This results in a rich and flavorful mouthfeel that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

But what really makes this one of the best Queenstown wineries is the food.

Enjoy their white wines and award-winning Pinot Noirs, along with your meal from the adjoining bistro. It is seriously impressive, becoming quite a destination in and of itself; particularly the ‘trust the chef’ menu, known as ‘Dinner with Vaughan Mabee’.

Serving a wonderful range of perfectly cooked dishes that take advantage of seasonal produce, you’ll be able to pair any of their incredible wines with a hearty meal or two.

Dining alfresco during the summer gives you wonderful views of the fields, but you won’t begrudge the log burners during the wintertime either.

Wines to Try

  • Amisfield Breakneck Reserve Pinot Noir 2017
  • Dry Riesling 2021
  • Pinot Noir Rose 2022

10 Arrowtown-Lake Hayes Road, Frankton, Queenstown 9371

The Amisfield concrete winery beside a hill.
Photo credit: Amisfield Bistro and Cellar Door.

Brennan Wines

If you’re on the hunt for a wine-tasting experience with all the bells and whistles, you need to check out Brennan Wines – pronto!

This Gibbston spot is known for its amazing lunchtime tasting menu which combines a selection of Pinot Noirs and white wines with their signature Gewurztraminer (if you fancy something more unique).

The tastings typically take place in their sprawling outdoor space during the summertime, while winter tastings are kept cozy with several roaring indoor fireplaces.

What makes this one of the more special Queenstown wineries on the map is the platter of food that you get with each tasting. Featuring cheese and charcuterie from local artisans, it’s essentially heaven on a plate.

Wines to Try

  • B2 Pinot Noir 2016
  • Chardonnay 2018

86 Gibbston Back Road, Gibbston 9371

Chard Farm Winery

Chard Farm Winery is one of the Queenstown wineries that has you at “hello”.

As soon as you drive in, you’ll be met by an incredible driveway that winds through to the main building. It’s super bougie and sets you up perfectly for what’s to come.

The entire area is surrounded by rolling hills and is set against the gorgeous backdrop of the Gibbston Valley. So, you’ll certainly want to have someone in the passenger seat snapping photos as you’re pulling in to park.

The selection of wines here is excellent too. Although this location is best known for its Pinot Noirs (like most Queenstown wineries), you’ll also spot a few amazing Rieslings and Rosés making an appearance.

If we’re being honest though, we’d say that the Gewurztraminer is the star of the show here. Bursting with fruity notes and packing a citrusy punch, it’s a complex wine that you’re bound to add to your basket on the way out.

Hey – we won’t judge!

Wines to Try

  • The Eliza Pinot Noir 2019
  • Maria Rose 2021
  • The signature Gewürztraminer

205 Chard Road, Gibbston 9371

A tractor pulling a harvest of grapes in the vineyard of Chard Farm.
Photo credit: Chard Farm Winery.

Gibbston Valley Winery & Restaurant

Gibbston Valley Winery & Restaurant is one of the best Queenstown wineries as it offers underground cellar tours, incredible tastings, and an insight into local wine production methods.

Essentially, this spot does it all!

The winery dates back to the 1980s and is just 20 minutes from Queenstown by car. This makes it one of the oldest vineyards in the entire region.

We highly recommend the wine tours at Gibbston Valley. Not only does this experience give you a glimpse into the winemaking process, but it allows you to taste wines inside their famous wine cave.

As a bonus, you’ll even get to try a few artisanal cheeses.

If you’re still feeling hungry after your cheese board, it’s worth heading to the onsite restaurant to try a selection of seasonal dishes.

Their a la carte lunch is extremely popular, and the restaurant has even won a Best Winery Restaurant Award in the Queenstown Hospitality Awards.

Wines to Try

  • Any of the Pinot Noirs, but the School House pour is particularly good.

Gibbston Valley Winery, 1820 State Highway 6, Gibbston 9371

Autumn leaves starting to show in the vineyard of Gibbston Valley Winery.


Kinross is always our top recommendation for travellers who are searching for accommodation, tastings, and an onsite restaurant in one charming location.

It’s not the largest spot on our list of Queenstown wineries, but it somehow manages to offer visitors so much value for money. And you know what they say – good things come in small packages!

From the glorious tasting room and cellar door to the range of wines available, you certainly won’t feel short-changed.

In fact, the $15 tastings are a veritable bargain as they include 5 wines from different local producers.

We highly recommend staying in one of the 14 onsite cottages as they offer unbeatable views of the surrounding mountains and vineyards. They also have beautiful hot tubs, looking out over the vineyards, and easy access to their wonderful restaurant.

If you’re just here for a flying visit though, grab a few bottles of wine as souvenirs and snap a few breathtaking photographs before leaving.

Wines to Try

  • Kinross 2020 Vintage
  • Burn Cottage Pinot Noir 2015

2300 Gibbston Valley, Queenstown 9371

Clinking a glass of Kinross Wine.
Photo credit: Kinross.

Mt Rosa Wines

Mt Rosa may be one of the newer kids on the block, but it has quickly become one of the most successful Queenstown wineries.

The first thing that you’ll notice about Mt Rosa is the incredible panorama across New Zealand’s Southern Alps. It’s truly breathtaking.

It’s worth noting that this is one of the Queenstown wineries that has become famous for its incredible Pinot Noirs. The 2014 release is the most popular as it’s slightly spicy but is mellowed out beautifully with bramble and blackcurrant for a well-rounded flavour.

But it’s also known for its incredible Pinot Gris.

This Queenstown winery grows five types of grapes which you can sample at their Cellar Door and tasting area. So whatever pour you’re partial to, you should be able to pick up something that tickles your taste buds.

The tastings are $15 for the basic experience, but you can dial things up with local cheeses and cured meats too. Yum!

Wines to Try

  • Pinot Noir 2014
  • Mt Rosa Late Harvest Riesling 2016

47 Gibbston Back Road, Gibbston 9371

A couple and their dog walking in the Vineyards of Mt. Rosa Wines.
Photo credit: Mt Rosa Wines.

Peregrine Wines

If you’re an architecture buff, then you’ll want to add Peregrine Wines to your list of Queenstown wineries to check out.

Although they’ve been known for their incredible pours since 1998, everything from their cellar door to their unique winged roof makes this a must-visit spot.

The careful attention to detail makes this winery feel upscale and elegant, making the tasting experience feel completely elevated.

And hey – the incredible views of the landscape certainly don’t hurt either!

Their Pinot Noirs are fantastically fruity, and you’ll pick up a wonderful sweetness from the Rieslings that will undoubtedly see you purchasing a few bottles before you leave.

Wines to Try

  • 2016 Peregrine Pinot Noir
  • 2016 Peregrine Charcoal Creek Riesling

2127 Gibbston Highway, RD1, Queenstown 9371

The unique building structure of the Peregrine Winery, located at the foot of a mountain.
Photo credit: Peregrine Wines.

We hope that this list of Queenstown wineries has helped you plan your next New Zealand trip.

Have you ever checked out any of these Queenstown vineyards?

We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!

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