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River Rats Promo Code – Rafting+

Save 10% with River Rats, our favourite rafting company in Aotearoa.

This awesome company offers something for everyone – from high-adrenaline adventures (including rafting trips over the largest commercially rafted waterfall in the world and river sledging) to family-friendly rafting and flat-water kayaking trips. Based in Rotorua, they also offer Grade 5 rafting in Tauranga.

Having been out on the water with River Rats on a number of occasions, we can attest to the fact that these guys are the real deal!

Tourists bracing on their red raft as they cascade downwards the turbulent waters of a river.

Book your River Rats adventure now and save 10% using the promo code NZTT.

These discounts are for NZTT readers and members. Users are required to be in our free Facebook group. If you’re not on Facebook, you are required be an NZTT newsletter subscriber. By booking through us, you will enjoy a discount while supporting us – thank you!

If you’re craving an adventure in the North Island, we recommend checking out River Rats next time you’re in Rotorua or Tauranga.

With a fantastic range of white water rafting, sledging and kayaking options, they cater to families right through the most adventurous of us.

Next time you’re in Rotorua (or Tauranga), you’ll save 10% on:

  • White water rafting on the Kaituna River – Grade 5 – The highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world.
  • White water rafting on the Wairoa River – Grade 5 – A true rafting challenge. This dam-release river runs selected Sundays from September to May.
  • White water rafting on the Rangitaiki – Grade 2 (family-friendly) and 3-4.
  • River sledging on the Kaituna River.

They’ve got members of New Zealand Travel Tips covered with this fantastic discount! Simply book through their site using our exclusive promo code.

837 Te Ngae Road, Ōwhata, Rotorua 3074

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Tourists with life jackets hanging on to their inflatable rafts while traversing the turbulent rivers.

Book your River Rats adventure now and save 10% using the promo code NZTT.

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