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New Zealand Travel Tips members receive a 10% discount at the Rotorua Heritage Farm and 3D Trick Art Gallery.

Entertain the kids for the day and snap photos to last a lifetime in the process!

A painting of a huge shark coming out a door while two real kids presumable push it to keep the shark out.
Photo by Hayley Farr – NZTT member

Book at the Rotorua Heritage Farm & 3D Trick Art Gallery to save 10%. Promo code NZTTRHF.

The Rotorua Heritage Farm offers fun, exciting and educational activities for all age groups. Whether you choose to check out the 3D Trick Art Gallery, their farm tour or the fantastic on-site cafe, you’ll come away buzzing.

The Farm Tour

This awesome tour allows guests to interact closely with a range of farm animals. Pet, feed and fall in love with their sheep, deer, cattle, llamas, alpacas and more.

This is a fantastic tour for travellers that haven’t spent much time around farm animals and for young children!

A bus parked beside a road while tourists hop off and approach a herd of llamas and alpacas during a Farm Tour.

The 3D Trick Art Gallery

If you’re looking for fun photo opportunities, look no further than the 3D Trick Art Gallery in Rotorua.

Uniquely Kiwi, this is the first ‘trick art’ gallery with unique New Zealand-themed art. 

Throughout the 1,250-square-metre indoor space, you’ll find more than 50 trick artworks that are displayed in 5 different themes.

Each of these artworks tricks the eye, making for awesome photos!

A 3d image of a child peeing and a real woman sitting by to make it look like she is showering on his pee.
Photo by Claire Coates – NZTT member

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Book at the Rotorua Heritage Farm & 3D Trick Art Gallery to save 10%. Promo code NZTTRHF.

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