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Save 10% at Secret Spot Hot Tubs in Rotorua using the promo code NZTT10.

Relax your aching muscles in your own private hot tub whilst enjoying forest views. It just doesn’t get better!

A family with their kids dipping in the waters on a circular outdoor pool of Secret Spot.
Photo credit: Rotorua NZ

Book through Secret Spot & Save 10%. Use the promo code NZTT10.

Conveniently located close to town (and right beside Rotorua’s famous mountain biking tracks), Secret Spot Hot Tubs is the perfect place to relax after a busy day of adventure.

The beautiful cedar tubs at Secret Spot are connected by a series of wooden walkways. Each is shrouded in privacy thanks to the masses of native planting that the team undertook. The result is a haven of relaxation that is especially stunning at night (when the lights are turned on and forest comes to life).

Each tub is filled with fresh water, taken directly from a local river. This water is heated in an environmentally-responsible manner, providing bathers with a toasty private pool in which to soak.

As if this wasn’t all relaxing enough, it gets better!

The team at Secret Spot will personally deliver a wide range of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) straight to your tub – just ring the buzzer on your pool for bar service with a smile.

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FAQ About Secret Spot

Are children allowed at Secret Spot?

Children 5 years old+ are allowed at Secret Spot. Younger children are welcome to use the skinny dips.

All all the tubs private?

You (and your group) will be the only ones using your tub for the duration of your booking. You may have neighbours in their own tub about 5 metres away – it still feels nice and private though, don’t worry.

Can I drink in my hot tub?

You sure can! The team will even deliver drinks directly to you in your hot tub. You might like to use the money you saved with your Secret Spot promo code to top up your drinks budget!

Can I eat in my hot tub?

Eating in the tubs is not allowed, but there are options to purchase food at Secret Spot. We suggest you relax in the tub first and then enjoy a meal afterwards.

Does my Secret Spot promo code extend to drinks and on-site purchases?

No, your promo code applies only to booking your hot tub. Still, we think that’s a great saving!

How long will I have my hot tub for?

You’ll get 45 minutes in your hot tub, with additional time for getting organised.

Is the water geothermal?

The water in each of these tubs is fresh from the river – it is not geothermal.

Are there shower facilities at Secret Spot?

Secret Spot has lovely rain showers so you can freshen up after your soak.

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Book through Secret Spot & Save 10%. Use the promo code NZTT10.

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