Skinny Promo Code: 4GB of Free Data [2024]

Whether you are planning to holiday in New Zealand or are living here, you will likely want to be connected.

If you are visiting for a short period of time, you might consider roaming with your existing mobile provider. Doing so can be costly though.

Instead, we recommend purchasing a local SIM card.

This allows you to use data without worrying about the cost. You will also be able to make local phone calls free of charge – perfect if you’re running a bit late for an activity, or you want to call an operator to ask questions before booking.

Mobile plans in Aotearoa are a lot cheaper than they used to be – at least if you choose the right company.

We recommend Skinny. We use Skinny personally and have for years. They make use of the Spark cell towers (one of our flagship mobile providers) but do so at a discounted price. It’s like getting champagne on a beer budget, so to speak.

Plus, we’ve got 4GB of free data to share with you – too good!

How to Get 4GB of Free Mobile Data on Skinny

  1. Purchase a Skinny SIM in person or online for only $2.
  2. Activate your SIM.
  3. Install the Skinny app, for iOS or Android.
  4. Buy a $16 or above 4-weekly plan (check out the different plans – choose from $17, $27, $40, $50 or $70 per 28-day period).
  5. Enter the redemption code NZTT in the Skinny app.
  6. You’re set to go – enjoy your free data as you explore New Zealand!

When you book through our links, you’ll often get a discount and we may earn a commission. Your support also allows us to run our Facebook communities and create helpful content at no cost to you. Thank you!

Conditions of Your Skinny Promo Code

  • You’ll have 30 days from when you activate your SIM to redeem the code [NZTT] – that means this is only for new customers.
  • Your bonus data is valid for 90 days, then any unused data will expire.
  • You’re only able to use our code once on your new plan, but others can use it, so feel free to share it with your partner, best buddy or travelling companion.
Data balance and call minutes remaining.

Where to Buy Skinny SIM Cards

Buy Your Skinny SIM Online

Skinny SIM cards can be purchased online. They only cost $2 and they’ll even send it out to you for free.

If you are travelling to New Zealand and feel comfortable getting yourself from the airport to your accommodation without data, we recommend purchasing your SIM in advance and having it sent to your accommodation. That way it will be ready for your arrival.

Buy Your SIM from a Shop

If you would prefer to purchase your SIM in person, there are a number of places you can do this.

They are available from a number of supermarkets, petrol stations and Spark stores, amongst others.

Keep an eye out for them in:

  • Supermarkets (PAK’nSAVE, Countdown, New World)
  • Petrol stations (BP, Caltex, Mobile, Z)
  • Electronic stores (JB Hi-Fi, Smiths City, Harvey Norman, PB Tech, Spark)
  • Bookstores (Paper Plus)
  • Dairies/convenience stores.

Buy your SIM at Auckland or Queenstown Airport

If you’re landing in Auckland, you can collect your Skinny SIM from the airport. This is often a lot easier than trying to find your way to a store elsewhere.

As you leave customs (and notice all the people waiting to collect their loved ones), you’ll find the Spark store in front of you and slightly to the left. They’re open 24/7 so can help you any time you arrive.

In Queenstown, head for the Paper Plus store at the airport to collect your SIM card.

Grab your Skinny SIM from these locations

Loading Your Skinny Plan – Don’t Get Caught Out!

When you first activate your Skinny sim you will be invited to load credit to your account.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that by loading credit you automatically have a plan of that value. You do not!

Instead, you will be loaded onto their pay-as-you-go plan which is particularly expensive. That’s right, by loading your credit, all you’re doing is ensuring you have the money available for Skinny to start charging you for the minutes/data you use.

It is essential that you then use their app or website to select the plan that you want.

If you use a fair bit of data, we consider the $36 plan to be the best value for money. If you don’t use much, the lower plans should be sufficient, or you can go higher if you’d like more high-speed data.

We like the $36 plan though as it gives plenty of high-speed data but you’ll also have unlimited data (at a lower rate) should you overshoot your initial allowance.

Remember though, that with our code [NZTT] you’ll get an additional 4GB of data – that will give you 8GB in total. That’s a heck of a lot of Facebook, Insta, maps use and browsing.

A woman reading her phone for some messages.

In New Zealand for a Long Time?

If you’re planning to be in New Zealand for an extended period of time, there’s no need to be locked into one plan type.

We’ll sit on the $36 plan for a few months, but when we’ve built up an excess of data and minutes, we’ll then drop down to the $26/month plan.

Skinny does not lock you into a contract so it’s easy to chop and change – or to stop using their service altogether.

Skinny Coverage

What Network is Skinny on?

Skinny used the same network as Spark. Spark is one of two premium mobile operators in New Zealand, offering 3G/4G/5G throughout the country.

Is Skinny’s Coverage Good?

Skinny’s coverage in New Zealand is excellent. Anywhere that has Spark reception, you’ll get Skinny reception.

Spark [and Skinny] has had better coverage than Vodafone. I’ve been on Spark and wife on Vodafone, and Spark [and Skinny] tends to lose connection later.

Taufiq Rashid, NZTT member.

Need Even More Data?

If the 4GB of free data from our redemption code, and the minimum 1.25GB/month plan isn’t enough data for you, you have some options.

Sign Up For a Larger Plan – Even Temporarily

As you’re not locked into a contract with Skinny, it’s possible to move plans each month – or whenever you need to.

If we’re expecting to have a big month of data usage, we’ll move up a plan.

If we’re heading away and don’t plan on using our phones much, we’ll temporarily turn our plan off.

If you expect to need more data, it’s easy to bump up to the plan that best fits your needs.

Full Speed DataUnlimited data*Cost (per 28 days)
15GB Yes$50

*Unlimited data kicks in when you’ve used your full-speed data. It is at a reduced speed.

Use a Data Binge

Are you planning to use a lot of data in one go (and don’t want to reduce your data balance)? Have you run out of data and just need a small boost to get you through?

A data binge can be a great way to add additional data to your account. During the time of your data binge, you’ll have access to unlimited full-speed data – perfect if you’re looking to download a bunch of Netflix videos to your phone before hopping on a tour, for example!

Length of Data BingeOne-Off Cost
10 minutes$0.50
1 hour$1.00
4 hours$2.00
12 hours$4.00

These options are a quick and easy way to add additional data to your account.

Remember to Enter our Redemption Code Once You’ve Purchased Your Plan

  1. Purchase a Skinny SIM in person or online for only $2.
  2. Activate your SIM.
  3. Install the Skinny app, for iOS or Android.
  4. Buy a $16 or above 4-weekly plan (check out the different plans – choose from $16, $26, $36, $46 or $70 per 28-day period).
  5. Enter the redemption code NZTT in the Skinny app.
  6. You’re set to go – enjoy your free data as you explore New Zealand!

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