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Combining an exciting drive through Skippers Canyon, and a stunning jet boat ride on the Shotover River, this is the stuff of dreams!

Jet boating beside rocky banks on Skipper's Jet.

Book with Skippers Canyon Jet and save 10% using the promo code NZTT10.

Best jet boat ride in NZ! Trust me, I’ve done so many jet boat rides. If you want an unforgettable one do this.

Asanka Fonseka, NZTT member.

Skippers Canyon Jet offers stunning scenery, excitement and value-for-money, all in one family-friendly package.

Start with a guided drive into the historic Skippers Canyon with commentary from their knowledgeable drivers. Travel into gold mining country, travelling along the infamous Skippers Canyon Road. This incredible track was carved out of the vertical rock face by miners over 120 years ago. Getting there is half the adventure – just don’t look down if you’re afraid of heights!

Next, you’ll transfer to the narrowest canyon on Shotover River. There, highly skilled jet boat drivers will manoeuvre your boat just inches from sheer canyon walls. You’ll travel at speeds in excess of 80kmh and complete a series of full 360-degree spins.

The Skippers Canyon tour is the only jet boat ride to combine historic gold mining relics (that still remain in the river) and Lord of the Rings locations.

This is serious fun in every way!

Skippers was awesome and added adventure with the exciting and scenic drive in.

Mandie Sparg, NZTT member.

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Book with Skippers Canyon Jet and save 10% using the promo code NZTT10.

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