Skyline Rotorua opens three new luge tracks

After more than a year’s construction, Skyline Rotorua has opened three brand new luge tracks!

A family-favourite since it first opened in 1986, the luge has a range of tracks to suit everyone. From tame, scenic tracks to blood-pumping thrill rides, you can pick the track best suited to you — and now you’ve got more than ever to choose from.

Start by riding the Skyline gondola up Mount Ngongotaha. From the top you’ll enjoy panoramic views out over Lake Rotorua and have access to a range of dining options and attractions, The Luge, being one of them.

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The Luge now has a total track length of 7.3 kilometres, making it the longest anywhere in the world. In addition, they’ve added 4 incredible corkscrews, 430 metres of LED strip lighting and 170 coloured LED lights (which come to life for the Night Luge). They’ve also planted 12,000 additional native trees, making the forest even more magical to race through.

Whilst there, you can check out the following tracks:

  • Legend Luge Track
  • Twister Luge Track
  • Ultra Luge Track
  • Tiki Tour Luge Track (previously the Scenic Track)
  • Gravity Luge Track (previously the Intermediate Track)

Join us as we introduce you to each of the new tracks and remind you what you love about the old ones… and don’t forget to secure your discounted tickets too!

With the longest and greatest range of tracks of all Skyline Luge sites, there’s something for everyone at Skyline Rotorua.

Skyline Rotorua

Did you know? One of the best restaurants in Rotorua can be found at the top of the Skyline Gondola. Check out our other favourite eateries in town and plan for your visit.

Kids in luge rides with neon lighting while inside a tunnel.

Experience Three New Luge Tracks at the Skyline

The Legend

This exciting track twists and turns its way down the mountain, including 3 different corkscrews — that’s right, the track pulls a full 360 three times over!

A particular hit at night, you’ll also race through a number of lit up tunnels on the Legend.

Keep an eye on the straight near the end too — it’s the perfect place to overtake whomever you’re racing.

Length: 1.3km.

The Twister

This new family-friendly track connects the Legend track with the Tiki Tour.

Like the Legend, it also has a corkscrew and tunnel to race though, only the addition of the Tiki Tour means you’ll also get to see the massive dinosaurs — yep, you read that right.

Length: 1.4km.

The Ultra

Another track that connects to the Legend, you’ll enjoy racing through spirals and tight turns before reconnecting back to the original track you were on.

This one is perfect for racing your buddies!

Length: 1.3km.

A luge track showing a 360-degree loop.

Your Favourite Old Tracks are Still There

Tiki Tour Luge Track – Green (Previously the Scenic Track)

Everyone that’s visited The Luge in the past will have ridden the Scenic Track… or as it’s now known, the Tiki Tour.

This trail weaves its way through the beautiful redwood forest, including lots of opportunities to pull over for photographs. You’ll also pass the Skyline dinosaurs near the end of the track too, so keep your eyes peeled.

Though it’s possible to take your time and enjoy the views, it’s also possible to get up a fair bit of speed on this track.

Length: 1.8km.

Gravity Luge Track – Orange (Previously the Intermediate Track)

Another old favourite, the Intermediate Track has now been renamed the Gravity track.

This track offers the perfect balance between challenge and comfort, featuring a tunnel, chicanes and magical views throughout (though your eyes will probably be on the track!)

Who will get to the bottom first?

Length: 1.5km.

Did you know? Sometimes The Luge has to be closed in the rain. This is to ensure the safety of their guests. If it’s a wet day, we suggest checking to ensure they’re open.

Luge Map

Track overview of Skyline Rotorua.

About The Luge

What is a Luge?

Luge carts are part go-kart, part toboggan. You’ll sit on/in your luge and let gravity do most of the work, as you steer and break using the handlebars. Simply pull back to slow down to stop, or release and sit comfortably to accelerate down the track.

Most people ride solo but it’s possible for adults to double up with small children (80cm and 110cm tall). This allows them to go along for the ride without needing to control the luge cart.

Incredibly, all luge components are still designed and manufacturerd in Rotorua before being sent all around the world to other tracks.

Who Can Ride The Luge?

This is one of the most inclusive activities in Rotorua. They’re had people as old as 101 years of age riding, along with small children (they just need to be 80cm or taller in order to double up with an adult).

Thanks to the wide range of tracks they have there, you’re able to choose the one that suits your needs best. You’re also able to take your time as you’re in full control of your own speed.

Riding a cable car and looking at the whole Rotorua in Skyline Gondola.

Skyline Luge Hours

Plan Your VisitHours
GondolaMon – Fri: From 10 am
Sat & Sun: From 9 am
LugeMon – Fri: 10 am – 5 pm
Sat & Sun: 9 am – 5 pm
Night LugeSaturday: 5 pm – 8 pm

Skyline Rotorua Address: 178 Fairy Springs Road, Fairy Springs, Rotorua 3015

Which track sounds like the most fun to you?

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