Promo Codes

New Zealand Travel Tips is proud to work with the best tourism operators in the country in order to bring our members and readers exclusive discounts and NZ promo codes.

In order to make use of these promo codes, please ensure that you are a member of our Facebook group.  It is free to join and provides a wealth of information about travelling in Aotearoa NZ.

If you aren’t on Facebook, please let the operator know that you following NZTT on our website.

“I joined this page a while ago and have contributed recommendations and ideas a few times. I’ve also benefited from local advice I have received from this group. I am a proud kiwi who enjoys helping others find and enjoy the many beautiful places in NZ.

I am currently investigating another trip to the South Island for our family holiday this summer and am making note of the different deals and discounts available from this site. Thank you for initiating this and making it cheaper for us. I appreciate the ideas, discounts and tips I’ve found through NZTT.”

– Linda Strid Baird, NZTT member.