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Turkish Cotton gear
A family of five standing in their towelies in front of a river.


Save on Turkish cotton towelies, towels and more. Learn more.

Promo code: NZTT10

Travel gear
Four items available for purchase through the Travel Store.

The Travel Store

Pick up luggage, packing cubs, neck pillows and more. Learn more.

Promo code: NZTT10

A man with Māori tattoos, holding a piece of pounamu greenstone that he has carved in Rotorua.
'10% off' written in black inside a mint green circle.

Mountain Jade

Save money on beautiful hand-carved pounamu/jade, sourced from Aotearoa New Zealand. Learn more.

Promo code: NZTT10

A woman reading her phone for some messages.
Mint green box that says 'support NZTT' inside.


Get affordable data on an eSIM to use while travelling in New Zealand.