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White WATer Rafting
Red raft going over a rapid on the Wairoa River.

River Rats Rafting

Enjoy the thrill of this truly exhilarating Grade 5 rafting experience on the world-renowned Wairoa River. Learn more.

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People on red kayaks paddling through a beautiful fern-covered canyon.
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Waimarino Kayak Tours

Paddle on Lake McLaren by day or night (with glow worms)

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People sitting on a kayak, paddling down a river with glow worms in the dark.
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Glow worm kayak

Enjoy stunning scenery and the magic of glow worms during this memorable kayak experience. Coupon code instructions.

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A birds eye view of the Waimarino Adventure Park with the river in the foreground.
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Waimarino Adventure Park

Get your adrenaline pumping on the slip ‘n’ slide, blob and Tarzan swing or take a casual kayak on the Wairoa River.

Animal Encounter

Swim with the dolphins

Have a great day on the water sightseeing, snorkelling and swimming with the dolphins.

Animal Encounter
A pod of dolphins jumping through the air and powering through the flat ocean.
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Dolphin & Wildlife Cruise

Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, seals and whales on your cruise.

Women surfing in Waikato at sunrise.
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Surf lessons & hire

Learn to surf of practice your skills at The Mount. Promo code instructions.

1.5 hour family/kids lesson | 2 hour private lesson | 2 hour group lesson | 2 day package | 4 or 5 day package

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Sky Diving
A tandem skydiver releases their parachute as they plummet towards Tauranga and Mt Maunganui.
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Skydive Tauranga

Enjoy spectacular views of the Bay of Plenty as you jump from up to 15,000 feet and travel at over 200km per hour.

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Hot Pools
The morning sun glistens of the clear water of the Mount Hot pools with high rise apartments in the background.

Mount Hot Pools

Take time out to relax and unwind at these hot salt water pools after a day of activity.