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Join the Underworld team for an unforgettable adventure. Whether you choose black water rafting or caving, you’ll enjoy a ride on their rainforest train, spot thousands of glow worms and come away with memories to last a lifetime.

Couples standing near an overhead opening in a cave while glow worms shine on the darker side.

Book with Underworld Adventures & save 10% using the promo code NZTT10.

Underworld Black Water Rafting

Your Underworld Rafting adventure starts with your friendly, local guide at the modern Underworld base in Charleston. They’ll provide you with all of the specialised gear you need to stay safe and warm and brief you on the adventure ahead.

Dressed and ready for your experience, it’s just a short drive in our van to the Nile River rainforest trains, Dorothy and Cecil. They will take you deep into the stunning West Coast Rainforest with towering limestone cliffs and prolific native wildlife – this is a totally unique start to a totally unique experience!

A short walk leads to the entrance of the Metro Cave/Te Ananui, high above the Nile/Waitakere River. Stepping into this subterranean wonderland, you will explore a calcite paradise of stalactites and stalagmites, cross huge chambers, follow a maze of passages and wander through the heart of an ancient multi-level cave system.

Enriched with stories and explanations from your knowledgeable guide, your ultimate destination is an underground lake in an enormous cavern.

There, you’ll find their famous galaxies of glow worms; they line the entire roof of the cavern. You’ll navigate by their constellations through the awe-inspiring display, as you gently float on the lake to the resurgence of the stream.

Riding donut-shaped floaters while navigating out of the cave.

You’ll leave this special place floating in your tube down the fun but gentle rapids of the pristine Waitakere River, surrounded every step of the way by the lush rain forest.

Returning on the Rainforest Train back to Charleston for a hot shower, this special place remains hidden, but your memories will stay forever.

An adventurer having fun while river tubing.

Glow Worm Caving

Join the team at the adventure centre and get geared up with a caving helmet and light.  You’ll join one of the professional and passionate Underworld guides, starting your journey into the spectacular Paparoa National Park, right on the doorstep of Charleston.

Following a short drive into the deep canyon of the Nile/Waitakere River, you’ll board the Nile River Rainforest Train for a 20-minute journey into the lush forests of the Paparoa National Park. It’s then just a short walk to the Metro/Te Ananui Cave, climbing high above the river to the cave entrance.

Leaving daylight behind you will explore as the first cavers did, with only the light you bring, and not a handrail or boardwalk to be seen! It’s truly one of the few natural and “real” guided cave experiences left. You’ll love seeing, feeling and getting close to an ancient wonderland sculpted by water and decorated with fragile calcite formations.

Underground you will visit such famous formations as The Altar, the highly decorated ‘Hall of Refugees’, Pancake Corner and more, before you emerge back to daylight at the awe-inspiring main entrance of the Metro/Te Ananui, having journeyed right through the mountain!

After a short rest, you’ll head back to find the stars of the show: Arachnocampa luminosa: the New Zealand glow worm. One becomes ten, then a hundred, then thousands. Before your eyes, entire galaxies of glow worms appear, spanning the ceiling over your head, following the stream into the distance.

Your guides will enrich your journey with captivating illustrations, explanations and stories connecting you with this special place.

Returning via the same path, you’ll emerge back into daylight. A short stroll leads back to the train, then to the comparative civilisation of Charleston.

This is a unique journey that takes you into one of the few publicly accessible cave systems that remain in its state of natural, unspoiled beauty.

It’s a simply stunning eco-tour in a very special place – plus you’ll stay dry (unlike on the black water rafting adventure).

Our family of 4 did Underworld Caving two days ago and it was hands down the most incredible experience we have done so far in our three week South Island trip. My parents in their late 60’s also joined us. Was so much fun!

Andrea Burgess, NZTT member
Tourists looking into stalagmites and stalactites inside a cave in Te Ananui.

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Book with Underworld Adventures & save 10% using the promo code NZTT10.

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