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So many of my recent local trips (actually pretty much all of them) have been due to this [group] and input from everyone. I’ve gone to all sorts of wee places I had never heard of. Word of mouth is king. And this page is the king of word of mouth.

Lara Wills, NZTT group member

Thank you NZTT and the moderators of this group, and all members sharing helpful information and advice! This has been the most helpful group I have ever been a part of!!

Shannon Zahara, NZTT group member

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The tips we got for our family holiday to the Coromandel were invaluable. The local information we got took us to some special secret places which both adults and children enjoyed immensely. We wouldn’t have got this information from anywhere else.

Bev Cochrane, NZTT group member

I’ve saved so much money on my upcoming trip that I can use the money saved towards another experience in NZ so i’m very happy about that!! 🤩🤩

Rachel Vivien, NZTT group member

Why Should You Consider Working NZTT?

We have an engaged, interested audience that fits squarely in your target market.

Members join NZTT, read our website and book travel consultations because they’re looking for quality travel advice.

We provide a platform (at no charge) where people from across New Zealand and the world come together to plan incredible adventures in our country.

Our members are genuinely interested in New Zealand travel and are actively making purchasing decisions. We are the largest group dedicated to travel planning in Aotearoa.

We also receive strong website traffic. All posts are written with SEO in mind, and are interlinked, ensuring that our posts are found by members of our group, readers of our blog, and organic viewers.

Our Facebook group and website are designed to work together. Our website brings members to our group, and our group frequently shares links to specific pages on our website.

What’s more, we offer one-on-one travel consultations over Zoom, providing personalised guidance to our customers.

These are people you want to get your products in front of!

The NZTT group has been absolutely invaluable in so many ways!

Briony, NZTT member

Out of all the FB travel groups I’m in, I have to say that this one is just the best. You are all so helpful and friendly! After joining this group six months or so ago, I’ve learned so much and feel like I’ve already been!

Linda Jordan, NZTT member

You’ve built a great great community – best Facebook site ever! (and thank you for the discounts!)

Jochen Ertl, NZTT member

Our members trust us.

We only share the most reputable operators in the country and pride ourselves on generally being able to speak from personal experience.

We are travellers at heart and know what other travellers are looking for – this ensures our reviews are authentic and useful for our members.

Thank you NZTT for being such a blessing to me and my family. We have had the most amazing adventure in the south island for the past 15 days.

Christian Tang, NZTT group member

Thank you. The service you provide is beyond words. People save their lives for trips like these and may never get another chance. Traveling half way around the world is exciting and scary. You are amazing.

Gail Lucas, NZTT group member

Our group provides a platform for authentic sharing and reviews.

We are a community of passionate New Zealand travellers.

Reviews, photos and videos are not only shared by us but also by our members.

Thanks so much Sarah and group members!! We just came back from 15+ days trip to both North and South island. All the activities and locations were finalized totally based on various member inputs. I was constantly checking the NZTT group for reviews/inputs whenever we decided to change our itinerary. This trip has been a memorable and adventurous one. It would not have been made possible without all the posts from this group. A big thanks to all the members!

Shalini Ramaswamy, NZTT group member

I just want to say thank you to everyone in this group and all the admins for the awesome advice and discount codes. We’ve only been here five days, but have packed so many things in that were recommended from this group. We would’ve had no idea on what we were missing out on without this group and reading comments/posts.

Ally Nicole, NZTT member

What’s more, we often find that once our members have joined an operator on an excursion, they then provide a review to the group, resulting in additional bookings.

Our members are a wealth of knowledge!

I have travelled NZ many times over the years from Australia, and have enjoyed sharing my recommendations, suggestions and tips with travellers. But being a part of this group has enabled me to learn even more about NZ, and I have discovered exciting new places that I can’t wait to visit when I am able to!! Thank you!! 😊

Nadine Humbles, NZTT group member

Our group is responsive.

If one of our members needs advice or feedback, we’re there for them in real-time.

They can get a number of different perspectives to make informed decisions about their travels in Aotearoa.

I literally posted just today as we’ve had numerous issues with our holiday (4 teens, holiday of a lifetime, Cost a small fortune)! And we’ve had to change plans and we have literally been inundated with ideas. Thank you for all you do!! 💋

Nicola Hughes, NZTT group member

Thank you so much for being a true pivotal moment in my planning! I am now 85% booked!!! 🤗🤗🤗 I wouldn’t be here without you!

Natalie Melamed, NZTT group member

your group was my go-to at every point. Our trip would have been a disaster without it – truly… we’d have been flooded in at Fox Glacier and not made it to some important stops.

So thankful for this group! Just wish I’d found it earlier.

Thanks for sharing the best of your country with us. ♥️

Lyndrea Lynch, NZTT member

Our group is well-moderated.

We spend significant time moderating NZTT based on our community guidelines.

This ensures a safe and welcoming environment that delivers genuine value.

Just want to say a massive thanks to the admins of this group who keep it functioning. I love answering questions and reading other comments.

I’m part of another group for an overseas country. Noone actually answers the questions and I get spammed with 50 people in messenger trying to sell me tours that I don’t need.

Maree Spence, NZTT member

It’s the admins who are the heart and soul of a group. I have to say this is by far my favourite travel group. Top quality, lots of valuable info and no nastiness tolerated. Top notch.

Susan Potter Eidt

This is by far the best group I am in.

Sandra Poppe

We’re New Zealand-owned and operated (and we know what we’re doing!)

As Kiwis, we are committed to sharing the best of tourism in our beautiful country.

We love our community and through your support of us, you’ll know all profits are kept 100% onshore.

What’s more, we have extensive experience working within the tourism industry and have a proven track record of effective, organic marketing.

You have single-handedly made more difference to my business than any other person.

Amanda Guerin

Sarah, you have done an amazing job for NZ, you’ve made it the gold standard [for Facebook groups] that other countries are struggling to keep up. I’m struggling to find anything that is even remotely as good as NZTT for info, guidance, recommendations, tips and discounts.

Chez Kerin

Kia Ora, Just wanted to drop a thank you for the service you provide. I used to live in NZ about 13 years ago and have been planning a trip back. Came across this [group] and can’t believe how much you have to offer in this community. It may be a year or two before we make it, but we will definitely continue to heed your tips and tricks.

Jeffrey Oldroyd

We’re passionate and we care about our members.

Our members frequently praise the tone in our Facebook group.

It is a safe space where everyone is welcome and supported.

We care about each other in our community and are passionate about the mahi we do.

Welcome to one of the best groups on the internet! this page is truly such a helpful resource, and a place filled with kindness and compassion.

Julianne Graffeo

We wanted to thank everyone for all their help and guidance which made planning our trip so much easier. It is truly an amazing group, more part of an extended family with people offering help to those in need. Thank you. X

Christine Walton

This community is kinder than I ever could have imagined! So grateful to be here! xx

Leyna Roy

A sincere THANK YOU for your genuine desire to help people have the best NZ experience. NZTT is a very special resource, we are so fortunate. ❤️

Joan Madigan