Zaknich Farms – The Cheapest Strawberries in Auckland!

We’ve found the most affordable strawberries in Auckland! At only $6/kg Zaknich Farms is the place to be when berry season rolls around in the summertime.

Zaknich Farms Strawberry Gardens – The Most Affordable Strawberries in Auckland

Located in Waitakere, Zaknich Farms offer the most affordable strawberries in the City of Sails.

The farm is locally owned by the Zaknich family and though it’s closed to the public earlier in the season, it is opened up once the commercial picking is complete.

When the pick-your-own season starts, visitors are welcomed in to collect their own fruit.

At only $6 per kilogram (with free entry), these are easily the most affordable berries in Auckland!

Picking your own strawberries is fantastic family fun and at such affordable rates, it makes for a cheap day out too!

What Should I Take Strawberry Picking?

To enjoy your day out picking strawberries, we recommend you take the following items:

  • A sunhat
  • Sunscreen
  • An umbrella (if you’d like extra sun protection)
  • Headphones (if you’d like to play music whilst picking)
  • Comfortable closed-toe shoes
  • Loose fitting clothing
  • Containers for your strawberries

Do I Need to Take My Own Containers?

Zaknich Farms provides buckets lined with plastic bags allowing you to turn up and pick-your-own berries without taking your own container. When you’ve finished picking, they’ll simply pull your bag of berries out, ready to go home with you.

If you’re organised, we recommend bringing your own containers from home.

The plastic bags you’ll be given by Zaknich tend to make the berries sweat in the summer heat. Having your own plastic container prevents this from happening – though we’d still encourage you to get them into the fridge as quickly as possible.

Where Is Zaknich Farm Located & When Can I Visit?

Visit Zaknich Farms at 125 Waitakere Road, Waitakere. They are open from 9am until 4pm for the duration of the summer picking season.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates regarding the end of the season.

They accept both cash and EFTPOS – sorry, no credit cards.

Whilst You’re in the Area…

Being based in West Auckland, it’s also the perfect spot to continue on to a rugged west coast beach or one of the fantastic walks in the area:

So, why not grab yourself some delicious berries before heading off to enjoy West Auckland (whilst munching away).

Just be sure to pick plenty of spares so you can enjoy homemade strawberry jam and smoothies once you’re home!

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